Episode 17: Grand Chapter!! The Terrible Giant Devil Start-Up


Six men, five dressed in black, one in white, all wearing baskets over their heads and playing wooden flutes walk down the middle of a street. When they find people the point the flutes at them which fire exploding shells. At the same time a man indoors is reading a newspaper when he hears laughter coming out of his television set, which isn't turned on. Out of the set steps Shadow Knight, who apparently demands this man's help with the Giant Devil project. By the man's tone of voice it's clear he refused to help. So Shadow Knight shows him on his tv what's happening on the streets.

Mendicant Death's-Head

The mysterious woman and the other young boy from episode 16 are in the crowd being attacked. She is rendered unconscious. Suddenly Kikaida 01 appears. He hits two of the villains they fall and explode, but when he hits the third it transforms into the monster Mendicant Death's-Head. Instead of staying to fight 01 the monster vanishes.

Back indoors Shadow Knight stabs the tv with his sword and three Shadowmen appear. Together they force the man out of his house. Outside the Shadowmen threaten him with spears. A familar guitar lick is heard. Jiro has come to the rescue. After a brief battle he transforms to Kikaida. After a little more fighting Shadow Knight and the Shadowmen vanish.

Back on the street. Ichiro is checking on the wounded people. He sees the woman and the boy sneaking away.

Jiro and the man have a brief discussion before the man drives away. The mysterious woman pretends to faint in the crosswalk infront of the car. When he gets out to help her she picks his pocket, getting his wallet. He drives away. When the woman opens the wallet inside is a piece of leather with some strange symbols on it. The next time the man stops his car three men dressed in black steal his briefcase. When they're gone he grins.

The three men in black transform into Shadowmen. When they hand the briefcase to a man in white, he detects a bomb inside. In anger he points his flute at the Shadowmen, fire shoots out of it and they explode. The man in white transforms into Mendicant Death's-Head and leaves the briefcase for some innocent person to find and be killed by the bomb. Know who finds it? You guessed it, the pickpocket. She drops the briefcase when she sees Ichiro coming. She and the boy board a bus. Rieko and Akira find the briefcase. Inchiro is shot at by Gill Hakaida. The bus driver transforms into a Shadowman and is joined by others who capture the woman and the boy. Gill Hakaida keeps shooting at Ichiro. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and uses 01 Driver and 01 Cut on Gill Hakaida. Gill Hakaida falls, theirs an explosion and he vanishes. Gill Hakaida finds himself at the Shadow base. Angry at having his fight with 01 interrupted he attacks Shadow Knight. Shadow Knight pushes Gill Hakadia up against a wall and holding his sword to Gill Hakaida's throat tells him O1 Driver and 01 Cut would have been followed by Blasto Endo, so Hakaida should be glad he was rescused. (At least that's what I think he told him since he mentioned all three 01's combat techniques.) Big Shadow interrupts the argument. The captured boy, like Akira, has part of the plans for the Giant Devil on his back. The plans are photographed. Construction on the Giant Devil has begun.

Rieko takes the briefcase to a police station. A policeman takes Rieko and Akira for a ride. I'm not sure where he was supposed to be taking them, but Rieko sees they are going the wrong way she opens the card door, while the car is still moving and jobs out taking Akira with here. The car stops and the policeman comes out and transforms into Gill Hakaida. Suddenly Jiro appears to battle Gill Hakaida. Rieko and Akira run. Jiro sees the briefcase, which he knows has a bomb in it, in Rieko's hand. He shouts a warning, but she doesn't hear. Rieko drives off in the police car. Gill Hakaida follows on White Crow (his motorcycle). Jiro follows on Side Machine (not his ordinary motorcycle as he would have in Kikaida. Rieko stops the car, she and Akira run. When Hakaida comes near Rieko, probably hoping all he wants is the briefcase, throws it at Gill Hakaida. It explodes, damaging Gill Hakaida.

Back at Shadow headquarters, having no further use for the second boy or the woman with him, Big Shadow orders their execution. As Shadowmen, some carrying spears other swords, approach the condemned the sound of Ichiro's trumpet is heard. Ichiro frees the woman and the boy but the Mendicants, once again numbering sixe, appear with flame throwing wooden flutes. As they approach they're attacked from behind, by Kikaida. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. The woman heads back inside the Shadow base. 01 sends his younger brother to protect her. Kikaida defeats some Shadowmen. The woman takes the piece of leather with the symbols on it back. Kikaida smashes the camera. So the Shadow has lost the plans to the Giant Devil.

Blast End episodes 17-46

After 01 destroys all the other Mendicants, Mendicants Death's-Head tries to burn 01. 01 uses "01 Cut" to chop off the flaming thrower arm. Mendicants Death's-Head then shoots rings off its body which explode when they hit the ground. 01 uses "Blast End" to destroy Mendicants Death's-Head. The effect of "Blast End" is different this time. Instead of the screen turning white and cracking a white bolt shoots out of 01's crossed arms to destroy Mendicants Death's-Head. This is how "Blast End" will work from now on.

The piece of leather is returned to the man to whom it belonged. He burns it. Side by side Ichiro on Double Machine and Jiro on Side Machine, head down the road. Akira rides in Double Machine's side car.

Giant Devil

Back at Shadow headquarters Giant Devil is almost complete.

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