Episode 16: Panic! The Mummy's Nitro Shell


Shadow Mummy

Two women are playing tennis. Ganta walks onto the court and starts to take pictures. The woman nearest him hits the ball and explodes! A few seconds later metal parts fall from the sky. Ganta realizes the woman was a robot. The other player becomes Shadow Mummy. Shadow Knight and Gill Hakaida are watching from Shadow headquarters.

Akira throws a baseball to Ichiro but Ichiro detects that something is wrong, when he throws the ball back there is small explosion and Akira has become Shadow Mummy. Shadow Mummy's right hand fires explosive shells at Ichiro. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. "01 Cut" causes Shadow Mummy to follow over and split into several pieces. The head says something to 01 about Akira. 01 jumps into the air.

Shadow Golem

Akira is tied and gagged, in the backseat of a car driven by a man wearing dark sunglasses. Jiro's guitar is heard. The car stops. The man gets out and transforms into Shadow Golem and attacks Jiro. Jiro jumps out of the way. Shadow Mummy joins Shadow Golem by the car. Shadow Golem fires a white, energy wave out of the device on its chest. Jiro jumps into the air, becoming Kikaida. Shadow Golem knocks Kikaida down. Kikaida gets up and fights Shadow Men. Shadow Golem knocks Kikaida down again. Kikaida gets up and fights Shadow Men again. 01 arrives and joins the battle. Shadow Golem uses his weapon on Kikaida, Kikaida is knocked down and pinned to the ground, white sparks encircle his body. 01 uses "01 Driver" on Shadow Golem. Kikaida gets up. Shadow Mummy fires his nitro shells at Kikaida and 01. When the smoke clears the villains have vanished. Kikaida and 01 jump into the air. Jiro and Ichiro land by the car. They untie Akira who tells Ichiro something about the Shadow. Ichiro rides away on Double Machine. Talking to Jiro, Akira removes his jacket then his shirt, lays down on some rocks and rolls around, trying to remove the plans of the Giant Devil robot from his back. Jiro picks Akira up. Akira's back is scared. Shaking, Akira cries in Jiro's arms.

Rieko is part of an audience watching flamingos strut around. In the background "Blue Danube Waltz" plays. Suddenly, the entire flock vanishes, Shadow Mummy stands in its place. Everyone but Rieko gets away. When Rieko attempts to flee Shadow Mummy fires a couple nitro shells at her. Rieko collapses. Ichiro arrives in time to find nothing but a piece of cloth.

At Shadow headquarters Rieko is hanging from the ceiling by her wrists, Shadow Men and Gill Hakaida beat her as Shadow Knight questions her(?). Rieko is dragged to the Shadow computer screen. Professor Gill appears on the screen and reveals that he has another son, Hiroshi, more of the plans for Giant Devil are on (or in) his back. Professor Gill must be very cooperative for at one point Gill Hakaida aims Hakaida Shot at the screen but Shadow Knight stops him from firing. I'm not certain by I think Shadow Knight told Hakaida this was just a computer image based on the Professors's personality, in any case the professor vanishes from the screen. A black and white picture of a woman and a boy appears on the screen. Through flashbacks we see that Rieko recognzes the woman as the one who saved the girl from the oncoming car (end of episode 15) and the boy as the one who was with her. Professor Gill appears on the screen again, screams and vanishes again. Big Shadow speaks. A play is shown on the computer screen. Big Shadow talks about "Giant Robot", "Akira and Hiroshi", what else I don't know. Shadow Mummy and Shadow Golem are summoned. They bow towards the screen that shows the shadow of Big Shadow. They are given their assigments. Rieko is handed over to a Shadow Man. As the Shadow Man, Rieko, Shadow Mummy and Shadow Golem had down a hall, two Shadow Man pass carrying a box of nitor shells. Rieko breaks away to grab the shells. She runs out of the Shadow headquarters. Three Shadow Men, Shadow Mummy and Shadow Golem follow her. Throwing three nitro shells Rieko destroys the three Shadow Men. Shadow Mummy and Shadow Golem continue after her. She continues throwing nitro shells.

The pilot and the copilot of what is probably an American bomber discuss, in English, looking for women and drinks once they've landed the plane. Gill Hakaida enters the cockpit, Hakaida shot in hand. Hakaida talks to the men in Japanese. The copilot tries to disarm Hakaida and is knocked out.

Rieko hitting the beach finds she's out of nitro shells. Shadow Mummy and Shadow Golem catch up to her. Three more Shadow Men appear as well. Ichiro drives up on Double Machine, dismounts and starts a fight. Both monsters hit Ichiro. Shadow Mummy is knocked over when Jiro suddenly appears. Shadow Mummy stands up and cursing "Kikaida" fires a couple of nitro shells at Jiro and Ichiro. Jiro and Ichiro jump into the air, holding hands in mid air, as usual, and transform into Kikaida and Kikaida 01. After throwing all three Shadow Men down a hill, the brothers knock Shadow Mummy down the same hill. Shadow Mummy breaks into pieces. Shadow Golem disappears. The floating head of Shadow Mummy speaks to Kikaida and 01 before flying away. 01 and Kikaida jump into the air, turning back into Ichiro and Jiro. Back on the ground they talk to Rieko who tells them about Akira and Hiroshi and apparently what she learned about the plane.

Hakaida apparently tells the pilot he intends to drop the plane's (nuclear?) bombs. The pilot crosses himself.

Ichiro is driving Double Machine, Rieko in the sidecar. Explosions star going off around them. Ichiro stops. Shadow Mummy, Shadow Golem and Shadow Men are looking down upon them.

Hakaida says something to the pilot about Tokyo--must be his intended target. Hakaida orders the pilot to open the bombay doors. The pilot reluctantly reaches for the switch. He tries pulling it then says "won't work" (for being an American his English seems very limited). When Hakaida checks the bombbay doors they open, revealing that Kikaida had been holding them shut. Shadow Knight is also in the plane. Kikaida, Hakaida and Shadow Knight fight.

Ichiro and the villains have somehow ended up near a swimming pool. When Ichiro hits the Shadow Men they fall into the pool.

Rieko has found Akira.

Ichiro jumps, landing back on top of the hill. After Shadow Mummy fires more nitro shells at him, Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. When 01 hits the mummy it falls apart again. 01 uses a new combat tecnique on Shadow Golem, "01 Kick", a flying kick similair to the Kamen Riders (it actually looks like he's about to do "Blast End"). After Shadow Golem tries is energy wave on 01, 01 returns the favor with "Blast End". Shadow Golem is no more.

Hakaida, Shadow Knight and Kikaida are still fighting. Shadow Knight and Hakaida attempt to throw Kikaida out the plane's now open passenger door. Kikaida throws them out the door instead.

01 uses "01 Cut" on Shadow Mummy, twice followed immediatly by "01 Driver" and "Blast End". Shadow Mummy breaks into pieces, each piece exploding separately. This is the last time the effect for "Blast End" will be a white screen that cracks, a new special effect is introduced in the next episode.

Ichiro joins Akira and Rieko.

Jiro and Ichiro drive off on Side Machine and Double Machine. Akira rides in Double Machine's sidecar.

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