Episode 15: Explosion -- The Secret Of Giant Devil


Reaper Robot

Shadow Knight and Reaper Robot watch a video of a man testing a laser weapon. This man has some connection to Professor Gill, but I don't know what it is. Reaper Robot asks for information on this man from the computer. The screen shows a girl, apparently his daughter.

Two women climb out of a swimming pool. Sitting by the pool is the girl from the Shadow's computer screen. The girl is clearly not enjoying herself. She looks up and sees Akira standing not too far away. The two children smile at each other. Akira leaves. The girl follows. The two women follow her.

Ichiro has speared a fash for Akira but Akira is gone. Akira followed by the girl who is followed by the two women come running down the beach. Suddenly, Gill Hakaida on White Crow rides up. The two women and two children run. Hakaida runs after them but stops when a boy on a rockly ledge throws stones at him. Hakaida goes after this boy but can't find it when he hides behinds some beached boats. Hakaida goes Akira and the females again. They try to escape by running through a tunnel but Hakaida jumps into the air and lands on the other side to meet them. They try to turn to run up stone stairs, but Shadow Men are blocking the way. Hakaida notices something is wrong with the neck of one of the women. He grabs her, pulls off her bathing cap and the mask she was wearing--it's Rieko again! Just then Jiro, on Side Machine, and Ichiro, on Double Machine, drive up. A fight immediatly breaks out. Jiro and Ichiro battle Shadow Men. Hakaida manages to hit Ichiro a few times and Ichiro returns the favor. Hakaida leaves Ichiro and Jiro to the Shadow Men to after Akira, the girl and the two women. Ichiro and Jiro leap to the aid of the four and after being hit by both, Hakaida retreats. Ichiro talks to Akira but Akira doesn't listen, he's too busy looking around, apparently for that other boy.

Later, the girl has changed into a dress. She bounces a basketball while Akira watches. Rieko, Ichiro and Jiro talk. Ichiro and Jiro start to leave but are stopped by Akira. I don't know what the boy says to Ichiro but everyone looks sad and some sad music plays in the background. Ichiro and Jiro leave, cursing the Shadow.

As the brothers ride their motorcycles side by side explosions start going off around them. They stop, dismount and hide behind their motorcycles. Standing on a hill, Hakaida is shooting at them. Suddenly Jiro gets back on Side Machine and drives away, Hakaida shoots at but misses. Ichiro jumps to the hill. Ichiro and Hakaida fight. Hakaida manages to knock Ichiro down and stradling him tries to strangle him, but Ichiro hits him in the chest, sending him flying.

The scientist who made the laser gun is at home reading when the lights go out. He grabs a shotgun off the wall. Reaper Robot appears on his stairs. The man shots Reaper Robot but Reaper Robot is unharmed. The man runs. Reaper Robot chases him, hitting furniature whith its tenticles, causing small explosions.

Hakaida returns to shoot at Ichiro. Shadow Men attack Ichiro. When Hakaida tries to kick Ichiro, Ichiro jumps out of the way then transforms into Kikaida 01. 01 kicks Hakaida, sending him flying again.

The scientist has ran out of his house. He's chased by Shadow Men. He shouts, calling for help. His cry is heard, Kikaida appears to take on the Shadow Men. After defeating the Shadow Men, Kikaida attempts to lead the scientist to safety but explosions start going off around them. It's Reaper Robot shooting at them through the tube in its head. Kikaida uses "Spinning Attack" against Reaper Robot then after exchanging a few more blows, throws it down a hill. Kikaida returns to where he had left the scientist. The man is gone!

At the Shadow headquarters the scientist is chained into a chair. He's tortured with electric shocks. He passes out.

Rieko, the girl and Akira are watching hula dancers.

Ichiro and Jiro have a chat.

Akira and the girl are invited on stage to learn the hulla. Shadow Knight watches on his monitor.

Ichiro and Jiro are shot at again. They jump into the air, holding hands in mid air. They land by Hakaida and the Shadow Men. Ichiro leaves. Hakadia sees him go and attempts to follow but Jiro transforms into Kikaida to stop him.

Rieko spots Shadow Men approaching, and leads Akira and the girl away. They hid in a tunnel. Shadow Men approah but then walk away. They think they're safe until they hear the voice of Reaper Robot. Shadow Men drag out the scientist. The girl sees her father and tries to go to him but Rieko holds her back. Reaper Robot fires explosive charges from the tube in its head. Rieko tries to lead the girl and Akira through the tunnel to the other side but the explosions cause a cave in which leaves them trapped. Suddenly a noise is heard. It's 01 burrowing his way into the tunnel. 01 exits the tunnel to kick Reaper Robot over. The scientist, his daugher, Rieko and Akira run away. 01 uses "01 Cut" on Reaper Robot, twice, then "Blast End."

Kikaida and Hakaida hear Reaper Robot exploding. Hakaida apparently recognizes the sound as the destruction of Reaper Robot because he retreats again.

The scientist thanks Ichiro and Jiro. His daughter, Rieko and Akira play catch. When Akira throws the ball it rolls into the street. The girl goes after it. A car is coming down the street. The girl gets the ball and just in time a woman pulls her out of the path of the car. Rieko nods at the woman who turns to leave. The woman walks away, holding the hand of a boy, the boy who had thrown rocks at Hakaida! Rieko calls to the woman, but she ignores Rieko.

Jiro and Ichiro drive off on Side Machine and Double Machine. Akira rides in Double Machine's sidecar. The narrator says something about "Giant Devil". Big Shadow is heard also talking about "Giant Devil".

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