Episode 14: Ghost Story: The Ghost Of Gill Casts His Spell In Hell


Gill Hakaida is lying on a table. At Shadow Knight's command Shadow Men flip some switches. Electricity flows through Hakaida's body. Hakaida screams. At Big Shadow's command more switches are flipped. The face of Professor Gill appear in place of Gill Hakaida's. Professor Gill speaks. He speaks about Akira and Giant Devil but when Shadow Knight tries to talk to him, he laughs and fades away. Photographs of children appear on the Shadow's monitor screen. One photo is focused on.

Rock Owl

A girl, the same one as shown in the photo on the Shadow's monitor, leaves her friends and starts home from school. She is attacked by Rock Owl which sprays a yellowish mist on her. The girl passes out. Shadow Men start to carry the girl off put Ichiro comes out of the bushes to attack them. They drop the girl. When Ichiro tries to hit Rock Owl the monster vanishes.

Ichiro takes the girl to her home. Although Ichiro's robotic senses can't find anything wrong with her, she hears the voice of Rock Owl in her head. When Ichiro and the girl's mother leave her room they just miss seeing Rock Owl outside the sliding glass door, however, Ichiro hears a noise from outside and goes to investigate.

Rock Owl rides away in a jeep driven by a Shadow Man. Ichiro follows on Double Machine. The jeep stops. Ichiro dismounts to fight. He jumps into the air, transforming into Kikaida 01 as he does. When 01 hits Rock Owl in the neck the monster's head falls off, revealing the head of a Shadow Man. This isn't the real Rock Owl!

The girl, in hear bed, hears the voice of Rock Owl. She gets out of bed and looks in the mirror. She strokes her hair. In the mirror hair comes off in her hand. When she looks at her real hand it is empty. She looks back into the mirror, screams, get in bed and hides her face. In the mirror the image of the girl is disfigured around one eye. The girl's mother hearing the scream pounds on the bedroom door, which is locked. The girl feeling her face finds nothing wrong and is releaved until she looks into a hand mirror and sees the same horrible reflection. The girl screams and hides he face again. The reflection in the large mirror steps out of the mirror. The disfiguration moves to the opposite side of the girl's face. This girl then becomes a an ugly woman. The girl looks up sees her, screams and runs to the door, calling her mother for help.

01 fights Shadow Men.

The girl gets the door open, her mother comes in, but the woman from the mirror has vanished.

After destroying the Shadow Men, 01 jumps onto Double Machine, becoming Ichiro again in the proccess. Ichiro drives off.

The mother talks to the girl. I don't know what they say to each other but the mother suddenly slaps the girl then is sorry and hugs her. As they are hugging the mysterious figure appears in the mirror again.

An old woman is pulling a cart. Explosions start going off around the woman and her cart. The woman falls to the ground. When she looks up Gill Hakaida is standing over her. The woman begs for mercy. Gill Hakaida draws Hakaida Shot and first into the cart. Akira pops up from inside the cart, jumps out and runs away. The old woman runs after him. She catches up to him, but Hakaida catches the two of them. He pulls off the woman's face, wig and dress, revealing Rieko. Give Hakaida one thing, he's never fooled by those disguises. Hakaida holds Hakaida Shot on his prisoners. Ichiro drives arrives to knock the gun out of Hakaida's hand. Suddenly, Jiro appears. Ichiro drives away. As Jiro fights Hakaida, Rieko and Akira run away. After fighting Hakaida awhile Jiro transforms into Kikaida. Hakaida tries Guillotine on Kikaida then shoots at him. Kikaida then throws Hakaida down into a quarry. (The scene of Hakaida falling is actually from Kikaida, if you look closely you'll see Hakaida has no stars on his chest. This same scene is used when 01 and Bijinda throw Hakaida). Shadow Knight appears to Hakaida back to the Shadow base. Whatever Big Shadow wanted Hakaida wasn't interested, but Professor Gill's brain in his head is attacked again and Hakaida is forced to listen.

The girl is in bed, her mother is giving her medicine when the lights go out. The mother turns to find that hideous woman in the room. The mother screams and taking the girl by the hand heads for the door. Suddenly she sees it isn't her daughter she's holding, it's the woman. The girl is actually crinching in another room. The mother finds her daughter. Daughter hugs her mother, but when she looks into her face, she sees its actually that hideous woman. The girl runs towards a window, but the woman is there. The girl runs towards another room but the woman is in the doorway. Mother and daughter finally locate each other. The woman from the mirror comes near them.

Daughter and mother have fled their home. They manage to hide from Shadow Men but that woman appears again. They escape her only to run into another woman and a young boy--Rieko and Akira. The four of them run but fire suddenly springs up befor them, they turn around to find they're in a ring of fire. That woman appears. Shadow Men enter the ring to capture the four frightened people but Ichiro's trumpet is heard. Ichiro jumps over the flame, drives away the Shadow Men, then grabbing hold of all four humans jumps out of the fire ring.

That ghost woman becomes Rock Owl and summons more Shadow Men. Ichiro fights the Shadow Men. Jiro drives up on Side Machine. Rock Owl fire missiles at them from its mouth, hooting as it does so. The robotic brothers jump into the air, holding hands in mid air. When they land they transform into Kikaida 01 and Kikaida. Kikaida kicks a Shadow Man which explodes. 01 uses "01 Cut" on a Shadow Man which explodes. Kikaida kicks another Shadow Man, destroying it. 01 destroys another with "01 Cut". Then for the first time in this series Kikaida uses on of his special combat techniques, "Double Chop", destroying another Shadow Man. With all the Shadow Men destroyed the brothers turn on Rock Owl. This monster doesn't stand a chance. First 01 uses "01 Cut" on it knocking it down. It gets up, Kikaida flies at it, hitting it with both feet, knocking it down. It gets up, 01 uses "01 Driver" to knock it down again. It gets up again, Kikaida punches it then uses "Giant Swing Throw" on it. 01 puts it out of its missery with "Blast End".

Rieko tells Jiro and Ichiro that Akira is the son of Professor Gill, who designed Giant Devil and put portions of the plans on Akira's back. This is why the Shadow wants Akira. Rikeo was Akira's tutor before Kikaida defeated the Dark Demolition Corps.

Jiro and Ichiro drive off on Side Machine and Double Machine. Akira rides in Double Machine's sidecar.

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