Episode 13:
Ghost Story: Challenge Of The Long-Neck Monster


Ganta, the photographer is trying to photograph a large female model when an earthquake strikes. The woman falls ontop of him.

Ichiro on Double Machine is nearly hit by falling boulders.

Shadow Knight and Gill Hakaida are watching buildings burn as a result of the earthquake. The earthquake turns out to be the result of a volcano erruption, apparently caused by the Shadow.

Shadow Rokuro

A woman who apparently just had a medical exam is fixing her make up when Shadow Rokuro enters the room. This monster from Japanese mythology has a really long kneck. When the head seperates from the body, but still attacked to the unusually long neck, sneaks upon the woman, the woman faints. Shadow Rokuro impersonates the woman who it turns out is a news announcer. Ichiro and Akira watch her on the news.

Shadow Knight and Gill Hakaida watch more buildings burn. On another monitor they see Double Machine.

Ichiro leaves Akira at another hotel then drives to the newsbuilding. Rieko is there. After talking with her Ichiro goes inside and is attacked by Shadow Rokuro's long neck, which tries to strangle him. Ichiro breaks free. The neck and head return to the Shadow Rokuro's body. The monster shoots its hands at Ichiro. The hands try to strangle him. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01, which apparently frees him from the hands. 01 leaves the building and drives away on Double Machine.

Akira hearing a noise opens the door thinking its Ichiro, but it's Shadow Knight and Gill Hakaida. Akira runs away but is captured by Hakaida. Rieko arrives at the hotel too late to find Akira.

Hakaida drops the unconscious Akira then reaches into his boot and pulls out not Hakaida Shot but Destruction Blade (the knife the original Hakaida used when in Saburo form) and stands over Akira. Before he can use the knife on Akira, Shadow Knight stops him. Shadow Knight and Hakaida fight over whether to kill Akira or not.

Ichiro arrives at the hote but instead of finding Akira he finds a note left by Rieko telling him that the Shadow must have gotten Akira.

Shadow Knight and Hakaida stop fighting. Apparently Shadow Knight agreed to let Hakaida use his knife on Akira because Hakaida returns to the boy but before he can do anything to Akira, Rieko driving speedboat arrives to throw bombs at Hakaida and Shadow Knight. The boat goes out of sight. Shadow Knight and Hakaida walk to wear the boat has been left but Rieko is not in it. Rieko wakes Akira but before they can get away Hakaida returns. They try to run from him but Shadow Knight appears. They try to run from him but a group of Shadow Men appear. The woman and the boy are surrounded. The Shadow Men start to lead Rieko and Akira away when Ichiro's trumpet is heard. Hakaida throws Destruction Blade at Ichiro but Ichiro just knocks it aside. After fighting with Shadow Men, Ichiro grabs Shadow Knight by the arm and yells at Rieko to take Akira and get away. They don't get far as Shadow Rokuro appears to block their escape. Shadow Rokuro shoots its hands at Akira. The hands grab him by the arms and drag him to Shadow Rokuro. Ichiro sees this but Shadow Rokuro, Big Shadow, Hakaida and the Shadow Men vanish, taking Akira with them.

Ichiro takes off on Double Machine. He took the same rode as the villains. Hakaida rides White Crow. Shadow Rokuro and Shadow Knight ride in an open, car, driven by a Shadow Man. Hakaida reports that "01" is following them. Shadow Rokuro vanishes from the car. Shadow Rokuro appears on a hill. As Ichiro drives by Shadow Rokuro's hands fly off, landing on the handle bars of Double Machine. As Double Machine drives around in a circle, Shadow Rokuro's neck detaches from its body, wraps around Ichiro's neck attempting to strangle him. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. Shadow Rokuro neck/head and hands return to its body.

Akira is placed on a table. Hakaida stands over the boy, Destruction Blade in his hands. 01 enters the Shadow base. Shadow Men attempt to stop him. They fail of course. Shadow Knight blocks his way. Shadow Knight uses his eye beam on 01 but it seems to have no effect. After knocking Shadow Knight down 01 enters the room where Akira is. Hakaida leaves the boy. Akira jumps off the table and starts to flee. Rieko appears and takes Akira's hand. 01 shouts something to Akira. Akira attempt to pull away from Rieko, but can't manage it. Rieko becomes Shadow Rokuro. 01 fights Shadow Men and Hakaida. After 01 knocks Hakaida down Shadow Rokuro's neck leaves its body to wrap around 01 like a snake. Shadow Rokuro's body carries Akira off. Big Shadow goes to the control room and activates the self-destruct mechanism. The mountain explodes.

Shadow Rokuro's neck returns to its body. 01 appears. Shadow Rokuro summons Shadow Men who through their lightning bolt weapons at 01. He knocks them aside, they explode when they hit the ground. After 01 destroys all her Shadow Men, Shadow Rokuro shots her hands at 01. He knocks them aside, they explode when they hit the ground. Shadow Rokuro arms turn into machine guns, firing at 01. 01 is unharmed so Shadow Rokuro sends its neck after him again. 01 uses "Blast End" on the detached neck. Screaming, the head and neck explode. Shadow Rokuro's body falls over and explodes too.

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