Episode 12:
Ghost Story: The Cursed Head Of The Graveyard Ghost Cat


Ghost Cat Robot

Big Shadow is giving instructions to Ghost Cat Robot about a boy shown on the monitor. They boy, Goje(?) scares some other kids with a rubber snake then he tries to kick a black cat, the cat jumps up and scratches his arm. Another group of kids sees him do and turn into Shadow Men. They knock Goje down, he may have hit his head. Jiro drives up on Side Machine. After Jiro's destroyed several Shadow Men, Ichiro drives up on Double Machine. The Shadow Men vanish. Goje's friend picks him up. The black cat is watching.

At home Goje is ill. Ichiro puts his hand over the scratchs, his computer analyses the wounds. The black cat is outside the house. Ichiro goes into the kitchen. Opening his chest he takes out a vial. He uses the liquid to make a medicine. He returns to Goje's room and treats the wound, covering it in white bandages. A cat meows. Ichiro goes outside to investigage. He sees a flying black cat head. He follows it. Akira is in another room of the same house, with his head on a table, asleep. Rieko is watching over him. She leaves the room. She sees the shadow of a human sized cat from the room where she left Goje and his mother. She enters the room to see Goje asleep with his mother watching over him. Rieko leaves the room. Goje's mother turns into blue faced woman with two long fangs and the ears of cat.

Ichiro chasing after the flying cat head encounters a Shadow Man with a cat head. He kicks the Shadow Man which explodes.

The cat-faced woman meows. Goje wakes up and runs out of the room to Rieko. When his mother comes looking for him he won't go to her. Akira wakes up and points at her shadow, the shadow of a cat. She turns back into the cat faced woman. Rieko and the two boys run out of the house. Shadow Men appear. The cat faced woman puts Rieko and the boys to sleep. As she bends over them she's hit in the head by Ichiro's trumpet. The cat faced woman changes into the full cat form of the Ghost Cat Robot. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. The fight doesn't last long, Ghost Cat Robot jumps away. When it lands its taking on the form of Goje's mother again. Ganta meets her and gives her a ride on his little motorbike. He doesn't go far. When he stops and looks back at her she has become the cat faced woman.

Ichiro finds Akira, Goje and Rieko laying in a graveyard, next to black memorial. He wakes them then punches a hole in the base of the memorial. Inside is Goje's real mother.

The cat faced woman walks through the graveyard while Shadow Men dig up bodies. The cat faced woman enters a room full of human heads. She talks to them, they talk back.

A woman and a girl untie a cat which had been tied up at a temple. Goje and a friend see a black cat and try to hit it. It turns into the cat faced woman who then turns into Ghost Cat Robot. Gejo's friend abandonds him. Goje runs to the woman and the girl. Ghost Cat Robot appear and sprays fire at them. Ichiro's trumpet is heard. Ghost Cat Robot tries to burn Ichiro. Ichiro jumps out of the flame only to be shot at by Gill Hakaida. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 to fight Hakaida. Ghost Cat Robot guards its prisoners. When Ghost Cat Robot tries to claw the woman's face, her mask comes off, she's Rieko! Jiro's guitar is heard. Jiro appears to fight Ghost Cat Robot. Ghost Cat Robot appears at first to be a match for Jiro, but Jiro finaly gets in a good blow. Jiro transforms into Kikaida. When Gill Hakaida rides away on White Crow, Kikaida follows on Side Machine.

Kikada and Gill Hakaida fight on a hill. Kikaida throws Hakaida down the hill. Shadow Knight drives up in a red car driven by a Shadow Man. Hakaida gets in the car, the car takes off.

01 and Ghost Cat Robot fight. Ghost Cat Robot shoots its paws at 01, they hit the ground and explode. Ghost Cat Robot's head flies off its body, spitting fire at 01. 01 uses "Blast End" on the head which explodes.

Goje and Akira shake hands.

Ichiro and Akira ride away on Double Machine. Hakaida watches.

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