Episode 11:
Ghost Story:The Ghost Lady Of The Underground Secret Base


The Big Shadow

This episode begins with the narrator talking about how 01 used "Blast End" on Gill Hakaida. Then we see Gill Hakaida in a smokey place. Then Gill Hakaida is chained and on the floor of the headquarters of the Shadow. Hakaida stands but Shadow Knight makes him kneel before a screen showing the shadow of Big Shadow.

Ghost Lady

A man who is obviously drunk sticks his head in an open manhole. He pulls his head out when two small balls of fire float out of the hole followed by the Ghost Lady, who bites him on the neck. A young man and a young woman are out for a walk. When a construction marker cone flies by him he tells the woman but she doesn't believe him until she sees two more fly by. She screams and burries her head in his chest. The woman then turns into the Ghost Lady and bites the man in the neck.

Shadow androids

Big Shadow is talking while two figures that resemble Androbots except that they are black on one side of their bodies and red on the other, are sitting before a screen that shows pictures of several children. These figures are Shadow Men, the Shadow version of androids. The screen pauses on one boy.

The boy from the Shadow's monitor is attacked by construction cones. He runs from them, right into the Ghost Lady. The boy cries for help.

Ichiro watching over a sleeping Akira hears the other young boy's cry for help. He mounts Double Machine and rides off. Akira awakes to find he is alone. Looking for Ichiro he meets a woman in a kimono.

The boy escapes from the Ghost Lady and several Shadow Men, running into the woods. Balls of flame fly around him, they turn into Shadow Men. Then just suddenly vanish. The boy runs to a shed. The door is opened by the Ghost Lady. The boy runs. Ghost Lady appears in the forest behind him and flies after him. Ichiro's trumpet is head. After making his introductory speech Ichiro jumps down landing in front of the boy. Ghost Lady tells Ichiro she's number 7 of the Shadow's robotic monsters. Ghost Lady shoots exploding shells at Ichiro from her right arm. Ichiro is caught in a circle of fire so he transforms into Kikaida 01 and jumps out of the flames. Ghost Lady vanishes. Hakaida appears at the top of a hill, Ghost Lady appears behind him. Hakaida fires Hakaida Shot at 01. 01 mounts Double Machine, the boy runs up and gets into the sidecar. 01 drives off. Hakaida follows on White Crow, his motorcycle. Double Machine stops stuck in the mud. Ghost Lady appears to shoot at 01. Hakaida catches up and also shots at 01. Jiro's guitar is heard. Jiro jumps off a roof to fight the Shadow Men and Hakaida. When Ghost Lady attacks him he transforms into Kikaida. When Kikaida tries to hig Ghost Lady she vanishes. 01 knocks Hakaida down. Red Faced Tortoise and Shadow Knight pick him up and hold him, otherwise he'd have gone after 01. Ichiro and Jiro drive to where Ichiro left Akira. They find Akira and the woman. Jiro says something to her and she removes her mask, it's Rieko. Ichiro and Jiro drive off again.

Jiro and Ichiro each climb down into different manholes, which lead into the same place.

The boy Ichiro rescued from Ghost Lady is tricked by several construction workers into entering a cave. Once the boy is out of sight the construction workers turn into Shadow Men. The cave is lit by candles but they go out. Then those floating fire balls appear. Akira and Rieko are surrouned by five men dressed in black. The men vanish but three Shadow Men appear chasing them into the same cave as the boy. Ghost Lady chases the boy. Shadow Men chase Rieko and Akira. The three end up together. Ghost Lady and the Shadow Men back them into a wall. The wall revolves and the three find themselves in a room with the drunk and the young couple. Ghost Lady enters the room. Ichiro's trumpet is heard and he enters the room. Kikaida appears and after talking to Ichiro drills a hole in the cave ceiling to let sunlight in. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01.

Ganta sees Jiro helping Rieko, Akira another boy, two men and another women up out of a hole in the ground. He takes photographs.

Ghost Lady copies Kikaida and uses her body to drill a hole in the ceiling, not to let more sunlight in but to leave the underground base. 01 follows. When Ganta sees Ghost Lady come up out of the ground he faints. 01 come up after her. Ghost Lady splits into five Ghost Ladies, all carrying the black lightning bolts of the Shadowmen. (Don't look to closely at these five "women"). After the five fail to hurt 01 with their lightning bolts they return to being one Ghost Lady. Red Faced Tortoise appears to fight 01. After a brief skirmish with Red Faced Tortoise and Ghost Lady, 01 uses "Blast End" on both of them.

Ichiro and Jiro drive off on Double Machine and Side Machine. Akira is in Double Machine's sidecar.

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