Episode 10: A Big Boss Big Shadow Mystery!?


Gill Hakaida is watching Ichiro riding Double Machine when suddenly the picture vanishes from his monitor and black smoke starts pouring out of it. Suddenly Gill Hakaida fines himself in a place full of white smoke. He holds his head as if in pain as the voice of Big Shadow speaks to him. Big Shadow ends his talk with laughter. Gill Hakaida is back in his headquarters, on the floor. His monitor is working again.

Silver Hakaida is watching Ichiro on Double Machine, he points his bo-staff at Double Machine and the ground bursts into flames. Ichiro stops in Silver Hakaida attacks him. Androbots join the fight. A white car with blacktop pulls up. The window rolls down to reveal the human form of Shadow Knight. Shadow Knight appears out side the car. Lightning flashes as Gill Hakaida once again uses the Satanic Darkness plan to cut Ichiro off from the light of the sun. Gill Hakaida stands between Red Faced Tortoise and Shadow Knight as they watch Ichiro and the Androbots and Silver Hakaida. Ganta appears to take photographs. Silver Hakaida jumps into the air with his staff, accidently carving a hole in the black smoke. The sun shines through. Gill Hakaida swears. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. Gill Hakaida joins the battle. 01 uses "01 Driver". Red Faced Tortoise and Shadow Knight take the bundled up blanket from Double Machine's sidecar which Akira was in. When Gill Hakaida sees this he leaves the battle to confront them. When he draws Hakaida Shot, Shadow Knight throws the bundle down and a stuffed panda toy falls out. Akira and his mysterious protector are running to a black car. Red Faced Tortoise refers to the woman as Rieko. As far as I can tell this is the first time her name is spoken. When 01 throws Silver Hakaida, Silver Hakaida lands on Gunta's camera knocking the lens off.

Rieko's car is stopped by Silver Hakaida. Rieko and Akira run away but are captured by Androbots. Silver Hakaida hits Rieko with his bo staff knocking her down. Akira karate shops an Androbot. Silver Hakaida raises his staff to strike Rieko again but doesn't when he hears Ichiro's trumpet. Ichiro jumps off a tower to taken on Silver Hakaida and the Androbots. Ichiro is knocked down and hit several times by Silver Hakaida's bo staff. Ichiro jumps up and transforms into Kikaida 01. Silver Hakaida throws his bo staff at 01 but 01 knocks it to the ground. After punching several Androbots, 01 punches Silver Hakaida several times before using "01 Driver". While 01 is destracted by Silver Hakaida and the Androbots, Red Faced Tortoise and Shadow Knight appear to take Rieko and Akira prisoner but 01 turns around just in time to see them. Red Faced Tortoise releases Rieko and Akira and faces 01. While Red Faced Tortoise and Shadow Knight have their backs turned Androbots grab Rieko and Akira, putting them in the black car Rieko had been driving, they drive off with their prisoners. A strange noise is heard. 01's vision goes bad. The air fills with smoke and when it clears Red Faced Tortoise and Shadow Knight have vanished.

At the Shadow base Big Shadow gives Red Faced Tortoise and Shadow Knight their instructions.

Ichiro is driving to somewhere.

At the Hakaiada Squad's base a chained Rieko is being beaten by Silver Hakaida. A shirtless Akira, his hands tied behind his back is suspened from the ceiling on another rope. He's slowly being lowered into a barrel of water. This is apparently being done in an attempt to get Rieko to divulge some secret she has. When she won't talk Gill Hakaida hits her.

Double Machine is on a dirt road. When it stops the camera moves in closer to show that it is now Kikaida 01 who is driving. When 01 sees a radar dish he starts on his journey again.

Silver Hakaida raises his hand to strike Rieko when 01 bursts into the room. Silver Hakaida hits 01 in the chest with his bo staff. 01 leaves the room. Outside he kneels and holds his chest as if in pain but when Silver Hakaida approaches him 01 stands up and hits him. After 01 makes a speech another fight begins. Having vinished off all the available Androbots, 01 drives off on Double Machine.

Rieko and Akira have escaped from the Hakaida Squad base but are recaptured by Androbots. 01 pulls up and attacks the Androbots. Vinishing with the Androbots outside, 01 reenters the base. He fights his way through the last of the Androbots, to a room with a map of Japan, as he studies the map he makes a step forwared to be stopped by Silver Hakaida. When he knocks Silver Hakaida out of the way, Gill Hakaida appears, with Hakaida Shot already drawn. 01 knocks the gun out of Gill Hakaida's hand then knocks him down. Silver Hakaida has gotten up but 01 knocks him back down then presses the self-destruct button. An alarm goes off. 01 leaves. Explosions start. Gill Hakaida curses. Silver Hakaida and Gill Hakaida flee their base.

Outside the last battle of the Hakaida Squad begins, Silver Hakaida and Gill Hakaida verses Kikaida 01. Silver Hakaida tries in vain to damage 01 with his bo staff. Gill Hakaida manages to land a few punches before 01 uses "01 Driver". Silver Hakaida tries again with his bo staff. Gill Hakaida punches 01 few times. 01 uses "Blast End" on Silver Hakaida who explodes. Now its 1 on 1. The two enemies exchange punches. When 01 manages to knock Gill Hakaida down, he draws Hakaida Shot but 01 jumps out of the way then knocks the gun to the ground before using "Blast End". There's an explosion but there is something odd about, the smoke and fire seem to roll backwards before vanishing. The laughter of Big Shadow is heard.

Akira's back and the plans on it are shown again. Rieko helps Akira put his shirt and vest on. Akira runs to Ichiro. When Ichiro asks about Rieko, she has vanished. Rieko has driven to a hotel. Ichiro and Akira take off on Double Machine. Red Faced Tortoise and Shadow Knight watch them. At the Shadow headquarters Big Shadow makes a speech to noone ending it with laughter. Kikaida 01 has a new and perhaps more dangerous enemy, the Shadow .

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