Episode 9: The Big Shadow Appearance Mystery


Akira has been abducted by Shadow Knight, in human form. Double Machine and Side Machine follow his car. Shadow Knight stops his car at a dock. He picks up Akira and carries him onto a boat. Double Machine and Side Machine drive on the water! Shadow Knight carries Akira ashore. Shadow Knight is confronted by Blue Hakaida and Silver Hakaida. Shadow Knight lets go of Akira to transforms from his human form to his Shadow Knight form. Akira runs away. Blue Hakaida tries his Electric Whip on Shadow Knight, who cuts it with his sword. Silver Hakaida tries to hit Shadow Knight with his bo-staff but Shadow Knight uses his sword to knock the bo-staff out of his hand.

Red Hakaida aims his Missile Bow Gun at Akira, but before he can fire Jiro appears and knocks it out of his hands and knocks him down. Jiro runs up to Akira. Red Hakaida takes a shot at Jiro. Akira boards a cable car. Jiro transforms into Kikaida and tries to run Androbots over with Side Machine. Kikaida sees that the cable car is headed up a mountain where Gill Hakaida, Blue Hakaida, Silver Hakaida and more Androbots are waiting, but he can't do anything about it as the sky fills with even more Androbots which fly down after him. Ichiro's trumpet is heard. Ichiro is standing ontop of the cable car which is no longer moving. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and battles Androbots and the Hakaidas.

On top of the mountain is a restaraunt that rotates very slowly. At a table waiting for his meal is Ganta the photographer. When 01 throws an Androbot it lands on Gunta's food.

Red Faced Tortoise

Kikaida and 01 stand together. The 4 Hakaidas stand together, along with four Androbots. The two groups slowly approach each other, the villains holding their weapons high. Suddenly, a spear hits the ground between them and there is a small explosion. The Hakaiada Squad retreats. Kikaida and 01 face Red Faced Tortoise, a robotic monster seant by the Shadow . Red Faced Tortoise shoots its hands off at Kikaida and 01, who punch them back at him, they hit Red Faced Tortoise and explod. Red Faced Tortoise is knocked onto it's back. Before Kikaida and 01 can get near Red Faced Tortoise a bunch of swords hit the ground between them and the monster. Shadow Knight appears at a distance. The swords explode and when the smoke clears Red Faced Tortoise and Shadow Knight have vanished.

At the resteraunt Akira and the mysterious woman who always comes to his aid are enjoying a meal. A man who apparently knows the woman approaches her. A waiter calls the man away, probably to a phone call. The man is knocked out by an Androbot. Red Hakaida takes on the form of the man, joins the woman and Akira at the table.

Standing on the roof of a building, Ichiro and Jiro have a discussion about the Shadow . The only words I understood where "Shadow" and "Black Satan".

Ganta takes photographes of some women who are singing and dancing, getting in the way of other people trying to watch the show.

The man who is really Red Hakaida takes Akira and the woman to watch dolphins jump out of the water for food. He stays behind Akira, keeping his hands on him.

Ichiro and Jiro enter the resterant to find that Akira is gone. They go to his hotel room but of course he's not there either.

Akira, the woman and the disguised Red Hakaida ride a ride. Akira and the woman ride another ride, Red Hakaida watches, smoking. Red Faced Tortoise and Shadow Knight are also watching. Ichiro is searching the carnival for Akira. Akira and the woman ride an octopus ride. Red Hakaida rides behind them in a red car. Jiro is also searching for Akira. Gill Hakaida, Blue Hakaida and Silver Hakaida are standing by. The woman, Red Hakaida and Akira sit together on another ride. When Red Hakaida sees Red Faced Tortoise watching he grabs Akira then has to appologise. Ichiro and Jiro meet by the dolphins. Shadow Knight and Red Faced Tortoise meet and return to Shadow base. For the first time the voice of Big Shadow is heard but he is not seen. When the man tries to take Akira away from her the woman releases he's a Hakaida so he reveals himself to be Red Hakaida. Androbots and the other three Hakaidas appear. They try to drag the woman and Akira off but Jiro's guitar interupts them. Jiro is standing on a building. Half way through the song Ichiro's trumpet joins in. Ichiro is now standing beside Jiro. The brothers jump off the building and the battle begins. After fighting Androbots a bit Jiro and Ichiro transform into Kikaida and Kikaida 01. When Kikaida spots Blue Hakaida and Red Hakaida taking the woman and Akira away he tells 01. Kikaida stays to fight the Androbots, 01 goes after Blue Hakaida and Red Hakaida. 01 attakcs the Androbots with Blue Hakaida and Red Hakaida. Akira and the woman run away. Kikaida fights Androbots while standing on a moving rollercoaster. 01 fights his way through Androbots to knock Blue Hakaida down. 01 fights more Androbots then knocks Blue Hakaida down again. 01 fights more Androbots before knocking Blue Hakaida down a third time and Red Hakaida for the first time. Kikaida finally gets to hit Silver Hakaida and Gill Hakaida. 01, the Androbots, Blue Hakaida and Red Hakaida are now on a beach. After 01 defeats the Androbots Blue Hakaida and Red Hakaida try to get away by backing into the ocean but 01 won't let them get away. After punching them both several times he uses "Blast End" on them. Their bodies fly into the air and burst into flame before falling back into the water where they explode, the pieces sink to the ocean floor. This is my favorite battle because 01 never once uses "01 Cut" or "01 Driver" both of which are over used because along with "Blast End" they are 01's only major combat techniques.

Ichiro puts Akira in Double Machine's sidecar before mounting the cycle himself. Jiro gets on Side Machine. The brothers shake hands before trying off together. Ichiro turns of to the left, Jiro to the right.

Gill Hakaida makes a speach in which he mentions Blue Hakaida and Red Hakaida, probably vowing revenge for their destruction.

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