Episode 8: Crisis Ichiro! The Foursome Combination!!



Double Machine has been hit by a bomb droped by Gattaida. Akira has been thrown ont a tree branch. Gattaida transforms back into the four Hakaidas but before they can capture Akira, Kikaida flying on Side Machine rescuses him. The four Hakaidas link arms, form a circule, spin around becoming Gattaida again. Gattaida flies into the air and attempts to bomb Side Machine, now on the grown, but misses. Gattaida lands and becomes the four Hakaidas again.

Jiro takes Akira to a hotel. That mysterious woman who is always looking out for Akira sees them go in, they don't see her. Sitting in the lobby is a man wearing a black top hat, dark sunglasses and a white plastic mask over his nose and mouth. In his room, Akira looks out a window and worries about Ichiro. On the wall is a picture, in that picture the masked man is walking down stairs. When Jiro walks over to Akira the man vanishes from the picture.

Akira goes for a swim. Again the camera focuses on his back and we see the plans there. Gattaida appears in the water. Suddenly the scene changes to a fully dressed Akira running from Androbots and Gattaida. Jiro's guitar is heard. Jiro jumps off a building, transforms into Kikaida and briefly battles the Androbots and Gattaida.

Akira wearing a different outfit then he's usually seen in, has ran off and is hiding behind a tree. Laughter is heard from a different tree, which turns into Gattaida. Akira runs from Gattaida and Androbots.

Ichiro picks himself up from where the bomb had thrown him. Finding Double Machine he drives off, in search of Akira.

Kikaida is fighting Androbots. Akira is captured by other Androbots. Ichiro's trumpet is heard. Ichiro jumps off a whale statue to fight Androbots. Gattaida uses Red Hakaida's Missile Bow Gun to fire three arrows at Ichiro, they all hit a tree. Gattaida tries to use Blue Hakaida's Electric Whip on Ichiro. The whip hits a tree which explodes. Gattaida tries to hit Ichiro with Silver Hakaida's Bo-Staff but Ichiro shoves an Androbot in the way, the Androbot explodes. Ichiro jumps unto an octopus ride and transforms into Kikaida 01. Standing on a rollar coaster track, 01 fights the Androbots. 01 then uses "01 Driver" against the Androbots. Gattaida shoots a piece of his shoulder at 01, there's an explosion but 01 is unhurt. 01 knocks the piece of Gattaida back to Gattaida. Suddenly the man in the white suit, black hat, sunglasses and white mask appears and fights Androbots. Just as suddenly he leaves, ignoring 01's calls for him to stop. Kikaida appears and watches the stranger running away too.

At the hotel, Jiro and Ichiro but Akira to bed. Jiro leaves on Side Machine. That mysterious woman comes into the room. She and Ichiro go outside and have an argument over Akira. Since I don't know Japanese I don't know what they say but I did hear the name "Akira" repeated several times. As far as I could tell the woman has still not given her name.

mysterious man

The stranger, in white with the black hat, has appeared in Akira's room.

Shadow Knight

Ichiro and the woman continue talking until they hear Akira call for help. They enter Akira's room to confront the stranger. The man drops Akira introduces himself as Shadow Knight. His hat, glasses and mask fly off to reveal a man with a mustache. The man then becomes Shadow Knight, an armored figure with one large eye. Shadow Knight backs into the wall and vanishes.

Ichiro and Akira ride off on Double Machine. Ganta comes out a store carrying a bunch of green packages. He tries to run after Double Machine and drops his packages. The mysterious woman boards a bus.

Ichiro leaves Akira outside a cave and drives away. He stops when he sees several Androbots. He attacks them.

The woman arrives at the cave. She finds Akira crying, why I don't know. Red Hakaida is watching them.

Ichiro continues fighting with the Androbots.

Akira enters the cave. Someone follows him. He sees the shadow of one of the Hakaidas and hears laughter.

Ichiro is till fightning with Androbots.

The Hakaida chases Akira.

Ichiro returns to find Akira gone.

Akira runs past and wakes up the sleeping photographer Ganta. Androbots appear in the cave. Akira finds that woman. Ichiro shows up. All four Hakaidas are in the cave too. They link arms, form a circle, spin and form Gattaida once more. In the darkness of the cave Ichiro weakens. Ichiro tries to fight Gattaida anyway and is knocked down when he gets up Gattaida is aiming Hakaida Shot at him. Suddenly sunlight shines into the cave through a hole exposed by Kikaida removing a boulder. Ichiro jumps through the hole, changing into Kikaida 01 in the proccess.

Now outside the cave, Kikaida 01 and Kikaida are joined by the Androbots and Gattaida. Kikaida takes on the Androbots while 01 fights Gattaida. 01 and Gattaida exchange punches and kicks. When 01 knocks Gattaida down with a kick, Gattaida comes back up with Electric Whip. Kikaida fights Androbots. Gattaida tries using the bo-staff on 01. Kikaida fights Androbots. Gattaida points Missile Bow Gun at 01 but 01 knocks it out of his hand. Gattaida tries Hakaida Shot on 01. 01 and Gattaida jump into the air. 01 uses "Blast End". Gattaida explodes in midair. Ichiro and Jiro shake hands again.

Blue Hakaida, Red Hakaid and Silver Hakaida are crumbled on the ground. Gill Hakaida stands over them making a speech, probably about how he's going to get 01 for this.

Ichiro and Jiro return to the cave. Akira comes running but suddenly, out of the darkness Shadow Knight, in human form, appears, grabs Akira, carries him to his car and drives off. Ichiro and Jiro follow on Double Machine and Side Machine.

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