Iron Alliance Robot Empire

Troy Robot

The Iron Alliance announces the day before the Robot World Expo that they intend to enslave the human race under a Robot Empire. They have stolen existing robots and the scientists who built them in order to force them to build more robots for the Iron Alliance. The Iron Alliance keeps its robots inside its secret under water base. They have two types of robots Iron Alliance Original and Stolen Naitional Robots. The SSI has files on the stolen robots, so they know their weaknesses rending them less effective then the robots built for the Iron iAlliance.

Dr. Deviler Dr. Deviler

The Iron Alliance Robot Empire is ruled over by the mad scientist Dr. Deviler (or is it?), once human now a crazy cyborg (episodes 1-26).

After capturing Kurenai, Kenichiro he shows the scientist a video of other enslaved scientists and then one which seems to show the murder of his parents and younger brother Kenzo, saying that those who opose the Iron Aliance die. In his final episode (26) its revealed that Dr. Deviler's silver hand is actually a glove covering a red skeletall hand which generates a massive amount of heat badly burning those it touches.

Troy Horse Robot Big Bison Black Masa

Episode 1: Troy Horse Robot: Iron Alliance Original #1 - a World Robot Expo entry sent to kidnapp Kurenai, Kenichiro and later to attempt to steal Super Robot Red Baron
Episode 2: Big Bison: Stolen National Robot (USA) - resistant to frontal assaults. appears briefly at the end of episode 1, but no combat, is quickly destroyed at start of episode 2
Episode 2: Black Masai: Stolen National Robot (Kenya) - attacks Red Baron while Kurenai, Ken is behing held prisoner then goes on a rampage in the city, Japanese military cannot stop it

Agun-Garuda Hiryu Goryu

Episode 3: Agun-Garuda: Stolen National Robot (Federation of Southeast Asia) - originally appeared as a UFO
Episode 4: Hiryu: Stolen National Robot (Japan) - appears imediatly after Agun-Garuda is destroyed in episode 3 but no combat until episode 4. piloted by an android that looks and sounds like Kurenai, Kenichiro, the robot's special abilit is "Hiryu Kick" (what else would you expect from a Japanae robot?)
Episode 5: Goryu: Iron Alliance Original #2 - its "Electromagnetic Whip" attacks works best in the rain so the Iron Alliance seed the clouds to make it rain before launching it against Red Baron

Viking III controled children Blizzard 7

Episode 6: Viking III: Stolen National Robot (Norway) - called to attack Red Baron when Iron Alliance agent finds he can't control the Super Robot, SSI all being held prisoner
Episode 7: Dr. Deviler hatches an evil scheme to use children to destract the SSI, the children are given magic wands that among other things allow them to turn Inspector Kumano into a pig, then a monkey and finally a duck, the transformation quickly wears off but for the rest of the episode he can't stop quacking, later its discovered the children are controlling Blizzard 7 but who is controlling them (the answer was obvious to me, SSI can't find the person, but the Inspector saves the day, again, as it was obvious to him too)
Episode 7 Blizzard 7: Stolen National Robot (Iceland) - attacks power plants with missiles fired from its chest, grabs hold of Red Baron and admits a freezing gas to freeze it

Bedouin G Vesavius Mau Mau

Episode 8: Bedouin G aka "Devil of the Desert": Stolen National Robot (Arabia) - originally designed to drill for oil , retrofitted with the Magnetic Reflection Mirror (stolen technology) which reflects Red Baron's attacks back at Red Baron
Episode 9: Vesavius: Stolen National Robot (Italy) - sent to stop SSI from stopping the Alliance from stealing Uranium, originally only armed with a laser beam, the Alliance added a smoke screen generator
Episode 10:Mau Mau: Stolen National Robot (South Affican Federation) - fires explosive charges, robot itself not that impressive, but Mecha-Robo" using "Destruction Beam" shut down Red Baron's systems and rendered Ken unconscious

Uncle Ironhand Garnizon Ace

Episode 11: Iron Hand: a cyborg who injected Matsubara, Mari with a nanoprobe that allows him to control her and orders her to kill Kurenai, Ken and when that fails to blow up Red Baron's control room
Episode 11:Garnizon Ace: Stolen National Robot (Poland) - robot's left arm is a chain saw and right is a hammer, intended to be used to dismantle Red Baron

Killer Q Electri- Amazon

Episode 12: Killer Q: female assassin - disguised as an ordinary human, lures Sakai, Tetsuya to a meeting by pretending to want to buy a car then brainwashes him into killing a scientist who was developing a second Super Robot, Jinrai, even more powerful than Super Robot Red Baron, like Matsubara, Mari he considers himself unfit to be in SSI for this failure and resigns (and of course is reinstated at the end of the episode),
Episode 12: Electri- Amazon: Stolen National Robot (South America) - antlion robot, it hides under the sand to snare Red Baron from below and then sprays acid to try to disolve Red Baron

McKinley V6 King John Bull Proto-Andes

Episode 13: McKinley V6: Stolen National Robot (USA?) - Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyushu and Hokkaido are to be blown up as the Iron Alliance finally makes it move to establish a Robot Empire, but while Red Baron fights this robot, SSI plants explosives on the missile launcher it was supposed to control and blew it up instead, the robot had two of its own missiles but was never able to launch those either
Episode 14 :King John Bull: Stolen National Robot (England?): left arm is a gun - sent to destroy Red Baron while a toy robot subsituted for a harmless one wounds Mari and sends Ken false information about King John Bull's weakness being in its chest, actually its in its head, or was until Dr. Deviler had the volunerable circuit relocated, actually manages to rip off Red Baron's left arm
Episode 15: Proto-Andes Stolen National Robot (Peru): right hand flying drill, left hand is a shield that blocks Red Baron's missiles - sent to reak havoc after their plan to frame Kurenai, Ken as a crazed murder and get Daigoi, Minoru to shot him dead seems to work

Iron Cross G Gran Matador Rajasthan

Episode 16: Iron Cross G: Stolen National Robot (Germany) - right hand is clawed for grasping things but can also fire explosive charges,left hand can fire explosives charges or spay poisoness gas, destroys a natural gas plant so they can rebuild it as a nerve gas distrbution center in order to murder 10 million people in Tokyo by flooding their homes with nerve gas
Episode 17: Gran Matador: Stolen National Robot (Spain) - armed with an electrified sword and a red cape, kidnaps a little girl Inspector Kumano met while on vacation so that Red Baron could not fight back without hurting her but was she the innocent child she appeared?
Episode 18: Rajasthan: Stolen National Robot (India) - armed with a sword it appears to have destroyed Red Baron, but its an illusion this robot is just a giant movie projector

Magma Wolf Schekler Robot Sphinxer:

Episode 19: Magma Wolf: National Robot (Rejected Expo entry from Japan) - not stolen but given to Iron Alliance by an angry, foolish woman after the death of her father who designed it, looks nothing like a wolf but it can set off volcaneos to cause earthquakes
Episode 20: Schekler Robot: Iron Masked Party Original #3 - a robot still being worked on by Dr Schekler, Dr. Deviler second in command, it was incomplete and it malffunctioned destroying itself
Episode 20: Sphinxer: Stolen National Robot (Egypt) - Matsubara, Mari was captured and Dr, Schekler said if Red Baron was called for he would have her killed, Sphinxer not much better than Schekler Robot

Escargos Mongol Star

Episode 21: Escargos: Stolen National Robot (France) - funny looking tank, actually more dangerous than previous 3 giant robots combined
Episode 22:-Mongol Star: Stolen National Robot (China) - armed with a laser beam, and a multle barreled machine gun, targets the oil refineries where the special oil used by Super Robot Red Baron is refined

Angel Killer Sky Shark Sky Shark

Episodes 23 & 24: Ambassador of Space: Angel Killer - an alien who comes to Earth to destroy Red Baron and the SSI, armed with a violin, he uses the bow like a sword the violin controls his giant robot
Episodes 23 & 24: Sky Shark - Angel Killer's giant robot, its Acid-Fire weapon could possibly destroy Super Robot Red Baron, Ken thought he knew how to beat it and destroyed the robot's head, but it sprouted a second one with the same weapons, in episode 24 it uses its golf club arm to hurl giant golf balls to destroy random targets trying to draw out Red Baron

Dr. Deviler King Devilar King Devilar

Episode 25: Doctor Devilar & King Devilar: Iron Masked Party Original #4 - the Iron Alliance's most powerful robot name of course after its leader, Dr. Deviler who finaly gets some sunshine, appears to have destroyed Red Baron, but the SSI has learned some tricks from Dr. Deviler himself
Episode 26: Doctor Devilar & King Devilar: Iron Masked Party Original #4 - adds "bat wings" during the final battle, used to deflect missiles, originally to be the last giant robot of the seres but with the series extended it was just the last giant robot from Earth/


Episodes 1-26: Mecha-Robos: In addition to the giant robots the alliance has these human sized soldiers, the first ones come out of the Troy Horse Robot. They also have human slaves,each wearing control bands which are surgically attached to their necks.

Because the series was extended an extra 13 episodes the Iron Alliance became part of a larger group with the other members coming from space, the Space Iron Alliance,