Episode 21: Breach The Wall of Smoke
(featuring Poison Gas Monster Kemular)

Kemular Kemular

The men of the SSSP don't take the report of dead birds, dead fish and rocks changing color seriously so they send Fuji to check it out alone. Hoshino stows away in her jet. They are about to return to SSSP having seen no monster but noticing increased earth tremors in the area when they are overcome by poisonus fumes. Not getting a response from them over the radio the men hurry to the scene. Once there they discover the poisones fog covering the mountain is not the result of an extinct volcan become active but of a sleeping monster waking up. Hoshino recovers and following Cap's radioed instructions is able to launch the Mini Jet VOL to safe himself and Fuji from the monster. Later when the monster marches on the town the military tries to stop it. But its tail is an energy weapon and between it and the poison gass it sprays from its mouth, the military loses a bunch of tanks (again).

hospital visit

When the SSSP attacks Hayata's jet is shot out of the sky so he becomes Ultraman but the monster is immune to the Specium Ray. Ide shows up with his newest invention "Mad Bazooka". Ultraman holds the monster so Ide and Arashi can hit it in the back with their only shot. The monster crawls back into the volcanoe to die, and explodes. Cap, Ide, Arashi and Hoshino go to vist Fuji in the hopsital. Cap, probably think Hayata died in the jet crash, tells the others that they will tell Fuji he reported to Paris HQ. But of course the find him in the room with Fuji.

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