Episode 22: Overthrow The Surface
(featuring Underground Monster Telesdon)

Telesdon Telesdon

Anne Morehiem from Science Special Search Party's Paris HQ has secret mission in Japan. She is transfering Hatya to the International Space Development Force in Paris,France, to train as rocket pilot. Captain Muramatsu says its a honor for for the Far East Branch of SSSP to have a member chosen for this special assignment. As soon as the Jet carrying Anne and Hayata leaves things fall apart. Satellites are being jammed. Undersea phone cables are being jammed. They cannot contact Paris HQ to inform them Anne and Hayata are on the way. Ide thinks he saw Anne walking a Tokyo street but Arashi says thats impossible she left with Hayata. Ide and Arashi trace the jamming signale and find the jamming device in the SSSP HQ and deactivate it.. But Hayata does not repsone to Fuji's radio calls. Later when Ide tries to capture the woman he had mistaken for Anne she loses her sungless revealing she has no eyes and she summons a fire breathing monster from beneath the surface of the Earth.Hayata has been captured by the underground people who know he is Ultraman. They won't to feel the sun on their bodies again but are unwilling to share the surface world . The underground people hypnotize Hayata and order him to become Ultraman and help Telesdon to destroy the surface world. Hayata becomes Ultraman and that is their undoing. They could hypnotise the human mind of Hayata but Ultraman, the Warrior from the Land of Light would not serve their dark ends. Ultraman doesn't use any energy weapons, he just use wrestles the monster to death. After Ultraman departs, Hayata retuns to HQ and introduces the others to the real Anne Morehiem who was also held captive by the underground people. He told them Ultraman rescued her while he was unconscious ans she recsued him.. Hayata and Anne then fly off to Paris.

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