Episode 25: Mystery Comet Tsuiphon
(featuring Guigass, Dorako and Red King)

Guigass Dorako Dorako

As the comet Tsuifon passes near Earth, withhin 55,860km. Cosmic rays from the comet attrack could detonate unshieled hydrogen bombs and six are missing from a damaged unerrwater storage unit. While searching for the missing hydrogen bombs the SSSP disovers that the cosmic rays have awaken a monster, Guigass. Then a monster from the comet flies on the scene, Dorako. The SSSP tricks the monsters into fighting each other. While the humans think they are same because the monsters will kill each other, a Red King appears, with the hydorgen bombs inside its throat.. As agressive as the original Red King this one immediatly heads to where to other two monsters are still fighting and challanges them both. It rips the wings off the poor space monster Dorako which leave it at a disadvantage when Guigass attacks it, while Red King laughs. The two Earth monsters then gang up on the space monster killing it. Guigass then flees from Red King, but Arashi and Ide kill it. While Ultraman deals with Red King. Ultraman cuts of Red King into three parts, letting two parts fall while he catches and carries the head and kneck, with the hydrogen bombs insidie it, into space. where presumably he lets them explode safelty away from the Earth. However, SSSP's computer calculate the comet Tusufion will return July 2, 3026 at 8:05AM and this time it will collide with the Earth. Cap assumes that by than Earth will have the techonlogy to changes its course so that the Earth will not be vaporized.

Hoshino, Isamu had very little part in what turned out to be his final episode, only appearing briefly at SSSP HQ. His departure was not planned but a result of the actor suffering a sking accident and then deciding to retire from acting to go to junior high school. So there is no farewell scene.

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