Episode 27: The Prince Of Monsters (Part 2)
(featuring Ancient Monster Gomora)


Ultraman reverts to Hyata. SSSP learns that Gomora burrowed underground again and that not even Ultraman could stop the monster. When Gomora appears again, four hours later, its tail is shot off by Hayata with Mars 133, and Arashi tags the monster with a beacon, another invention of Ide's so even underground it can be tracked. Hayata finally realzies he does not have the Beta Capsule. Gomora seems to be heading toward Osaka Castle, a historic landmark. SSSP and the military both head to the castle. The citizens of Ozaka were suposed to have evacuated but Osamu's father refuses to leave despite his mother's coaxing. The boy realzes that whatever this thing is Ultraman dropped he needs to get it back to him, heads for the castle. Fortuantly the first SSSP officer Osamu runs into is Hayata. who retrieves the Beta Capsule, telling Osamu that he's sure Ultraman will be happy to have it back. To save Arashi and Ide from being flattned by Gomora, Hayata becomes Ultraman. Without its tail the monster is not nearly as formidable and Ultraman proves victorious this time. After the battle Hayata tells Osamu that because of him Ultraman was able to win and gives him his Meteor Badge as a present.

The Millcreek Entertainment Blu-Ray set call this episode "The Monster Highness (Part 2)" which just proves the most literal translation is not always the best.

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