Episode 36: Don't Shoot! Arashi
(featuring Transforming Monster Zaragas)

Zaragas Zaragas

After a blinding light appears in the sky than disappears, Ide does not want to go on patrol because he is nearly completed working on his newst weapon the QX Gun, Quick Extinquish Gun. He's been working on it for four years, he thinks it will quicky eliminate any monster. Cap grants him permission to stay in HQ to work on it, while the others go on patrol. Days pass with no sign of the mysterious light as Ide finishes his QX Gun. But then the light returns. Then out of a red mist a monster appears. Arashi tries Spider Shot on it but the monstet\r fires a blinding light at Arashi. Later when he claims to be recovered his attack on the monster seems to kill it but red smoke billows out and it rises, stronger than before. The SSSP is ordered to stand down because this monster can adapt to whatever is used against it becoming resistent to it. And their superiors are afraid that unless they can kill it in one blow it will become unstopable. Ide and Arashi both want to try QX Gun on it but are forbidden to. When the monster takes a nap in front of the new Children's Center SSSP can rescue the children trapped inside but may not fire on the monster. Hayata and Arashi (carrying QX Gun) enter the Childrens Center and eventaully find 3 unconscious children. When the monster fires a ray which stuns and blinds Hayata and the children Arashi cannot stand it and he shoots the monster. Which becomes enraged. Hayata and the children are sent off in an ambulance. Cap suspends Arashi, removing his Meteor Badge. Arashi visits Hayata iand the children in the hospital (they are in the same room). After which he steals a Jet VOTL to attack the monster. Hayata hearing the others trying to get Arashi to stand down through his Meteor Badge, runs (with his eyes bandaged) from the hospital. Ultraman catches the Jet VOTAL before it crashes but now he cannot fight the monster with the Jet in his hand.. When Arashi who was knocked unconscious comes to he flies the jet out of Ultraman's hand. Ultraman is blinded by the monster but he can still hear it. Arashi shoots the monster with the QX Gun again. Ultraman recovers his sight and finishs it off with the Specium Ray. Cap reinstates Arashi but makes him repeat SSSP Rule #4 "An SSSP member will always obey orders, act on orders and fullfill their directive" over and over again.

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