episode 1 title

Episode 1: Defeat Gomess!
(featuring Gomess & Litra)

Gomess Litra

A construction crew digging a tunnel finds that their new tunnel leads into an existing tunnel previously sealed of from the surface. One man screams that there is a giant monster but because he tends to drunkeness no one believes him. The construction crew also remove from the caves what they think is a meteorrite. Manjome, Jun a helicopter piolot and sciene fiction writer with his partner Togawa, Ippei fly newspaper photographer Edogawa, Yuriko to the scene. Manjome, Jun and Edogawa, Yuriko go inside to investigate. And are trapped by a cave in they believe was caused by an earthquake. Togawa, Ippei, a boy scientist named Jiro and another man go to a temple where they find an ancient tapestry on which is written the legend of Gomess, a giant reptilian monster and Litra a bird like monster. Jun and Yuriko soon encounter Gomess and run from it. Ippei and Jiro realize the "meteorite" is actually an egg and use fire to heat it to help it hatch, Litra. Meanwhile, the construction crew who do not believe in either monsters set out to dig out the trapped man and woman. Litra hatches than just stands around, apparently waiting for Gomess to come out of the cave. The construction crew rescue Jun and Yuriko but Gomezz follows the humans out of the cave and starts trashing the contrusction site. It than advances on Litra, which hasn't moved or made a sound. The baby Litra finally takes the air. Flying around it doesn't seem like its any match for Gomezz which tries to swipe out the air with its tail.


Eventually though, Litra pokes Gomezz in the eye with its beak and then sprays deadly acid which kills Gomezz but than Litra drops dead itself. The narrator says if you drive through the tunnel look for a small grave (small grave?) its the grave dug by Jiro for the brave Litra.


Note: Gomess is created using a poorly disguised Gojira (Godzila) costume, and Litra is a modifed Rodan puppet, both borrowed from Toho.

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