episode 10 title

Episode 10: The Underground Super Express Goes West
(featuring M1)


At Tokyo Central Station a man get his shoes shined by a young boy who raises the price from 40 yen to 50. He also has to tip a second boy who brushed his suit coat and sprayed colonge on him. There next customer is that "journalist chick" Edogawa, Yuriko who calls the shoe shiner "Weasel" and tells him to stop calling her "chick". The fastest train the, the Undergound Express Inazuma is about to make its first trip and Yuriko is invited to ride it as a member of the press Meanwhile, Togawa, Ippei is eating at a dinner where the young man who served him wants to ride the train and is so cut up on fantisizing about it he accidently drinks Ippei's tea. Ippei wants a 10 yen discount not to tell his boss. Ippei also wants to ride the train and wonders if Yuriko can get him on it. Back at the station, "Ken, the Weasel" wants to ride the train as well and closes shop. Yuriko, the other reports and the audience has to go through a tour of the facilities from a man who doesn't seem to be good at public relations. Ken the Weasel and a friend, Hechima, impersonate an adult by having one stand on the shoulders of the other. This should not have worked but it did. A scientist is carying an artifical life form code named "Mi1" inside a cylinder in his case. When Manjome, Jun brings out his case for the scientist to inspect they discover its not his case, Ippei grabbed the wrong case when he left for the train station. He snuck on pretending to be a photographer. The Inazuma once launched is controled by an "electronic brain" (computer). At the station control setter a phone riings. When Ippei deciceds to show Yuriko his "camera" he opens the case and doesn't reconize the thing inside it. Two guards show up, take one look at carry it off. The phone call was to report the luggage mix up. As the device is being place in a secured locker on the train another reporter, disreuardng Yuriko's warning has the boxed opened and takes a flash photo. She declines reazling she shouldn't be messing around with an expement she knows nothing about it. In the locker the capsule having obserbed the energy from the flash is growing. The two boys are discovered but Ken the Weasel escapes the guard.


Later, the engineer is shocked to find the locker open and strange creature standing there. The creature makes it to the engine room and playing with the controls manages to damage electronic brain. Ken also finds his way to the engine room and mistakes the creature for the trains "robot pilot". To protect the passangers the engineer seperates the engine from the passanger cars. And the passanger sections emergency breaks kick in to stop while the eingine runns out of control,exceeding planned speed of 450 kmh reaching 600 kmm. with the creature and a young boy still onboard. The crew only realizes the boy is in the engine room when his friend cannot find him. If the engine cannot be stopped it will hurtl itself into the sea of Japan. Their chances of stopping the train, by placing a barrier on the tracks, to safe the child, and 8 billion yen is estimated at 80%. Its agreed that if the train is stopped the "monster" can be killed to protect the child.. The scientst says he can make an "M2 or M3" but not a child. The creature isn't actuall hostile its just curious and its curiosty resulted in it playing with the train's controls. It doesn't even seem to notice the boy. They try to communicate with the train to prepare the boy for the crash but the creature hears and picks up the radio phone. The idiot railroad man thinks its the boy fooling around. Of course at 600 kmh the train engine crashs through the barrier destroying the station and fool tanks. After the crash the idiot railroad man remembers the speicially built safe could have safed the life of the boy had he told him to hide in it. In fact the explosion sent the safe hurling into space with the boy inside it. The boy opens the safe from the inside and and someone how manages to breath. While the creature floating around in space says "I am seagull. I am seagull". As it and the safe orbit the earth. (Seriously thats how it ends).


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