episode 9 title

Episode 9: Baron Spider
(featuring Tarantula)


A two man lighthouse crew receive a telephone call from the coastguard informing them that a passing ship reported that the light was out. One of them head up the stairs to check on the lamp. He is attacked by a massive spider. Hearing a screem his partner comes running up the stairs, sees the spider and his dead partner and runs back down in terror. Later.Manjome, Jun and Togawa Edogawa, Yuriko and Togawa, Ippei are heading home from a party, along with two friends who are following them in another car and they all get lost in the fog. They pull over to the side of the road and Ippei and another young man named Takehara have left the others, apparently looking for a place to camp for the night and up falling in a swamp and nearly drowning. They others hear Ippei's call for help and pull them out. Jun says they need to find them some help and the entire group goes looking for a house. Unfortunantlly, the find one. The house appears to have been abandoned. There are spiderwebs everywhere. Jun tells the story of Baron Spider: An man who collected spiders from all over the world became known as Baron Spider.. When a tarantula bit his daughter she had a fit and fell into the swamp and died. Her father went mad. But then the daugher came back to life as a tarantula and lived in secret with her mad father. End of story. The men search the house to see if there is any kind of medince. Jun looks out a window and sees that the lightouse is working. Tired he lies down on a bed. looking up he sees a huge spider on the cyling. But after his story about Baron Spider none of his friends believe him. The other man, Hayama, is still searchig doesn; the notice the huge spider watchig his every move and when he returns to the others with an old bottle of wine he doesn't believe Jun either. When he tried to give Takehara a drink the sink man asks for water and drops the bottle breaking it. His friend goes off to find anohter bottle. And this time the spider drops down on top of him. When Hayama scream Jun, Yurkiko and Ippei grab candles and go looking for him. The other woman, Kyoko, is left to watch her sick friend, Takehara. But when he asks for water again, she heads to the kitchen to get some. Left alone, he is easy pray for the monstrous spider. The Jun, Yuriko and Ippei find Hayama who is suprisningly sitll alive he tells them there is a huge spider. In the kitchen, Kyoko is attacked by a second spider. The three help Hayama back into the living room where they discover a spider going after Takehara. Jun fights it off with a knife. And actually manages to kill it. Kyoko manages to escape from her spider and six people flee the manasion. The second spider follows. The second group of three manage to get their car stared and drive off. Jun is having trouble getting his car started. When he finally gets it started he runs over the spider. As the spider dies the house colapses, catches fire and sinks into the swamp.


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