episode 16 title

Episode 16: Garamon Strikes Back
(featuring Garamon II, Garamon III & Cicada Man)

episode 16 title

A mysterious man uses advanced technology to open Astronomical Physics Laboratory safe without setting foor inside the building, to steal the Tilsonite meteor (from episode 13) kept there. A security guard finds the safe door open and screams as the Tilsonite flies passed him, smashes a window and flies out. As the theif walks away, unconcerned about the sounding alarms, the narrator explains that a new swarm of Garadama (meteors) carrying robotic monsters. are heading towars the blue earth. A shirtless Jun is awoken by a phone call from Yuriko in the middle of the night, explaing about the theft or maybe "escape" as the guard so no one, just the "electronic brain" coming out the safe and flying out the window. Ippei, wearing pajamas enters Jun's room, so they are sharing living quarters as well as working together. The mysterious man, now carrying what looks like a case for some musical instrument, uses his remote control device to cause a truck engine to shut down so the truck will stop. He asks for a ride and shoives the instrument case into the back of the truck and without waiting for permission climbs into the passanger seet. The driver warns him the truck may not start, but it starts fine since the mysterious man wants it to. Jun, Ippei and Yuriko are at the radio tracking station. Its been four hourses since the electronic brain vanished but there have been no strange radio signals. Ippei wonders if it went back into space. He laughs at Yuriko's notion that "Garmon is striking back". She doesn't think alien invaders would give up so easily. While the truck driver has a radio playiing the mysterious man uses his remote control device which makes beeping noices the driver apparently cannot hear because of the radio, his case in the back of the truck opens, the "electronic brain" is inside the case. As our three adventurers are about to drive away from the radio tracking station a man comes running out shouting "Hey! We've caught mysterious radio waves!" Jun stops the car, and they run back into the building. The radio waves are verified to be the electronic brain's frequencey. The are able to track it as moving away from Tokyo. A swarm of meteors has also been detected, they will enter the atmosphere in 30 minutes. In the truck the drive and his passanger hear the news announcment of the coming invasion and order to evacuate Tokyo before the radio is signal is overhwhelmed with static. Jun and company barely make it out of town in his car as the first meteor strikes Tokyo.. The truck is stopped by a group of boys who want a ride into town, the driver is willing his passanger isn't. And the driver tells them he's sorrry and goes on wihtout them. Except one of the boys climbed into the back of truck unnoticed. Jun, Ippei Yuriko and the man from the radio tracking station are flying in Jun's helicopter. They receive latest tracking data on the "electronic brain's" radio waves via their radio. A second meteor hits Tokyo. A third lands in the bay.

Garamon IIGaramon II & III

As the truck driver pulls over for a meal break the television news reports four meteors have landed. One of them breaks upon releasing a Garamon. The boy in the back of the truck has picked up the meteor but when it stars floating he jumps out of the parked truck. The meteor settles back down into the case which closes and the truck pulls away without its driver. The driver curses the ungratetful theif and explains to Jun and his friends how he drove the man alway the from Tokyo. The boy apppears to tell what he saw in the back of the truck. Jun, Ippei, Yuriko the radio wave station man and the truck driver borrow someone's car and head after the truck. The truck runs a police roadblock. The police stop Jun and company but when the radio wave station man indentifies himself they let them through. The trucks run another roadblock but is stopped when it turns into a dead end and the police shoot out its tires. The mysterious man takes his chello case out of the truck and runs. Two Garmon are wondering around Tokyo, causing very little damage, as again they are not receiving clear instructons. The mysterious man runs to a deserted camp gound. While the police are searching the grounds he uses his remote control device to rip their revolvers out of the hands and shoots them with their own guns. They start to receiving instructions to attack but stop in mid attack as Jun is trying to get the control out of the man's hand. It gets it and tosses to Ippeii who someone manages to get the guns and the chello case to fall back to the ground. He then runs from the man towars a lake. As he tosses he control device into the water the truck driver grabs one of the dead police officers guns and shots the mysterious man, who screams and fallls down. Yuriko and the other man rap the "electronic brain" in foil which blocks its transmissions. Both Garamons shut down. If the other three meteors contained Garamon they must have malfunctioned.

cicadamanalien ship

When the mysterious man is ordered to stand he does only to reveal his true form, an alien insect. The insect-man walks into the lake. A spacehip which was hidden under the water surfaces but intead of rescuing him it kills him, with a heat ray. He bursts into flames and dies screaming. Jun surmies that this is the punishment for failing in his mission. The ship then takes off. Jun says they have won but the radio wave station man says that as long they cannot destroy this "electronic brain" the aliens will always try again. And at this point nothing anyone has tried as even scrathed the surface of its metal covering.


Note: The two Garmon episodes (13 & 16) were actually filmed one after the other, as the last two episodes (27 & 28) of the series to be made.

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