episode 15 title

Episode 15: Kanegon's Cocoon
(featuring Kanegon)

Another episode involving childrenm a different, more cheerful opeing theme and no narration. Like episode 6 (the moral of which was do not lie) this episode is a morality tale against beeing greedy.

cocoon Kanegon

Children playing around a consturction site find lots of junk they try to sell to each other. One of the boy's named Kanedam Kaneo (kane is Japanese for money) takes an object which jingles as if it had coins in it. Two men, who should be ashamed of themselves, intentionaly run the boys' bicycles over with a bulldozzer. Kaneo goes home. His father wears a moustache like Adolph Hitler's. Both his parents warn him that if he doesn't stop being so greedy he is going to turn into Kanegon, a monster with a coin purse for a head. When he hears a jinggling sound coming from his bedroom he runs in to find the object has grown. He reaches into and pulls out coins. Based on it size he starts talking about how munch money it could contain maybe milllions of yen. he reaches in again and this time he is sucked inside. In the morning when he wakes up his parents warning has come true, he has become a (boy sized) monster. His parents hide from him.


He goes to another boy for help. He wants 200 yen to help. Kaneo still greedy bargins it down to 150. Later, other boys are asked to give money which is fed to Kanegon, causing a counter on his chest to go up. The other boys apparently think this is somekind of game and expect their money back, until its explained that money is what Kanegon eats and if the counter falls to zero he will die. When the men with the bulldozzer appear the boys run and hide afraid that they can turn them into Kanegons. After the mean rideoff the boys come out of hiding and discover that the counter on Kanegon is running down rapidly. Having no more money and not knowing what else to do they decide to consult a fortone teller. She tells them "Kanegon's wish will be granted when Daddy Walrus is turned upside down". Daddy Walruz is what the boys call the bulldozzer driver who has moustache. The boys apparently think what she said makes no sense so they decided they cannot help Kanegon because they used up their allowances feeding him so they should sell him to a circus or to scientific research center. But he's a friend and they cannot do that to him, however he heard them talking and ran away before he heard their decision to use him to put on their own show to raise money to feed him. Outside of a bank a woman drops a case containing money when she sees Kanegon, and he eats the money. The police go to his parents house somehow having figured out who the "strange animal": is but when they get back to the bank he is gone, having been taken away by his friends. His parents find a few coins their son didn't eat on the ground and pick them up, they do not turn them into the bank. The boysx explain the reall plan to Kanegon.. They try training him to balance on ball but he falls off. And complains about being hungry. They start to turn on him again, but the hear the bulldozzer coming and this time they decided to fight back. Kanegon tries to follow them but falls in a hole. The boys tie cables with abunch of junk to the bulldozzer when the two men stop and give chase on foot they run away. They find what they think is a boy in a hole, he has newspaper covering him. When they see the monster they run away. He chases them trying to climb onto the bulldozzer but it runs him over. This cause the machine to spin around in circles before going backwards down a hill.Daddy Walruz is tossed out landing upside down.


Kanegon rocks into the air and then a parachute slowlly falls to the ground. When the boys find the parachute and lift it off the ground, Keneo is back to being a human boy. Excited to be normal again, he runs home to show his parents that he is no longer a monster, only to find that they have become Kanegons.


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