episode 28 title

Episode 28: Open Up!
(featuring The Train In The Vary Dimension)

The Train In The Vary Dimension

Yuriko is in a hurry to get somewhere and makes Jun drive off without Ippei. As Ippei sees them drive off he calls them names. Then he looks up and sees a train in the sky. It quickly vanishes. Yuriko is enjoying riding in the car with just Jun, and when he says Ippei will be angry when they go back she claims she wont go back and the two of them start going on about the things they don't like about living in Tokyo as if it was the entire planet. When suddenly the spot a man laying in the street. Yuriko assumes the man is drunk and she's annoyed at Jun picking him up, but he couldn't leave him in the street to get ran over. He plans to take him to Professor Ichinotani's. They stop at a rail road crossing. The man wakes up and starts screaming "Train.... T-train.. O-open up! Open it! Let me off! Let me off! I'm getting off!" He jumps out of the car. Jun has to catch up before he runs into the passing train. He pulls away from Jun. Yuriko screams. And the man is now inside a train demanding to be let off. He exausts himself. The conductor appears asking for his ticket. When he cannot produce one the conducter takes him to a man who says its okay and a woman who agrees. I'm fairly certain the man is played by Amamoto, Hideyo (Shinigami Hakase [Doctor Death] in Kamen Rider). This man is Kenji Tomono a science fiction writer who wrote about an altternate dimension, he explains to the other passangers that this train is taking them to where they say the want to go, to escape from their lives in the real world. Looking out the window the drunk man sees images from his life, his boss, his wife, his chid. He cries "Open up...."

The man is at Professor Ichinotani's and has been hyptonized by another man. In another room, a woman is screaming "open up! open up!". She was found in a train tunnel. The profesor asks Jun if he's read Kenji Tomono's book. Of course he has. Yuriko suggests they go find Kenji Tomono. So Jun agress their day off is over. They learn from his housekeeper that he left on a trip a year and a half ago and she does not know where he has gone. But he sends manuscripts and makes the occasional phone call. She gives them a sealed envelope containg a manuscript which just arrived from him the day before. Jun phones the professor to tell him about the author being missing and learns from the professor that he was just summoned by the police who want to discuse this. He asks Jun to meet him at the police station. The drunk man's wife picked him up. And the professor let her think they were treating him for being drunk. His wife is angry and browbeats him. His daughter no longer a little girl says she hates both her parents. The man gets the cab to stop, claims he's going to work. At the police station everyone in the room is asked not to reveal what has been discovered to the public. A film taken by an amatuer photographer is shown. It records Kenji Tomono boarding a train car, which then flies into the air. The officer reports it happened again at another railroad crossing. And again asks that nothing to be revealed to the public until their investigation is completed. At work the drunk is chewed out for showing up at quitting time. His boss actually hands him a tini bottle. telling him to drink it and then go home. He gives the bottle back and tells his boss "it was nice working with you" and leaves. Jun and Yuriko are in his car again. Yuriko ask if they are in the real world. Jun says of course we are and that he doesn't want her going off on any trains. His car stops suddenly. The fan belt broke. Kenji Tomono's manuscript is in their car, Yuriko says someone tossed it there. She says to Jun "let's look". The writer's voice is heard saying "Please do, I don;t mind". Yuriko asks Jun if he said something. He didn't. She suggest they go to his office. They leave the broken down car and walk to the airport. As Jun reads the manuscript there is a flashback: Kenji Tomono is walking towards an elevator after attending a Science Fiction Fan Club meeting. In the manuscript he says he always dreemed of escaping to the world he wrote about. He started thiinking about how in his stories elevators go past the last floor of the building into another world. And when the elevator doors openend he found himself in another world, like in his stories. He was no the first, many have gone there before him. In this other place he writes more stories and mails them to the real world to be published. The drunk goes chasing after the flying train shouting "take me with you!" but it goes on without him. The final narration of the series: "If you have an understanding partner, or a warm family, please becareful when boarding the train at night".

‹THE END› (for real this time)

"Open Up!" was orignally to be broadcast as episode 20, rescheduled to be episode 24 and finally dropped from being aired at all. Ultra Q.was originally ended on July 3, 1966 with the episode "The Disappearance of Flight 206". Eighten months later on December 14, 1967 this previoly unaired episode "Open Up!" was show, making it the final episode of Ultra Q.

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