episode 13 title

Episode 13: Dragon's Great Escape
(featuring Shadow assassins One-Eyed Condor & Jackal)

One-Eyed Condor

Dr. Kuri is in an ambulance tending to a man hurt in a car wreck when he ambulance is ambushed by Shadow and the man taken away. Before the man was taken he mentioned a time and a place and "One-Eye...." Learning about this from Dr. Kuri, Dragon intercepts Shadow recruit One-Eyed Condor in order to impersonate him and infiltrate Shadow. Dragon makes two mistakes, first he only knocks out the real One-Eyed Condor instead of killing him and then he trusts Kojiro go guard him.

Dragon as One-Eyed CondorJjackal

Dragon goes to the Shadow meeting point disguised as One=Eyed Condor. As a test he's attacked by Shadow henchmen and the assassin Jackal. Jackal pulls of the eye patch to see the damaged eye. Dragon was prepared for that. The voice of Black Jaguar is head welcoming One=Eyed Condor to Shadow. One-Eyed Condor is assigned to assassinate the president of the International Welfare Society. Jackal tries to follow "One-Eyed Condor" but when he is given the slip Jackal assumes "One-Eyed Condor chickened out and he goes to carry out the murder himself but finds Dragon waiting. Dragon easily defeat the colorless Jackal. Kojiro leaves his prisoner with Dr. Kori thinking he' safe because he's tied up and had a sedative, he was wrong of course. Dragon wants Shadow's intended victim to hide so Shadow will think he's dead, he sands him to Kori's clinic, not realizing what's happened there. Kojiro returns from the bathroom to find Dr. Kuri laying on the table and his prisoner gone. Dragon returns to Shadow expecting he will finally learn who Black Jaguar is but he's caught in a trap set for him by the real One-Eyed Condor, who promises to kill Shadow's target, Dr. Kuri and all the "brats" in the orphanage. Dragon is left hanging by his hands while One-Eye Condor orders the Shadow henchmen to "kill every man, woman and child" before leaving for the clinic/orphanage. Dragon kicks a knife out the hands of a henchman, dressed in blue instead of black.

Dragon as One-Eyed CondorDragon as One-Eyed Condor

Outside the Acorn House, One-Eyed Condor tells his men to kill the "small fry" first. They enter the building only to find Dragon there who asks "Will you retreat? Or would you like to lose an arm or a leg?" They don't retreat. After taking down the henchmen who should have accepted the offer to let them retreat he faces One-Eyed Condor again. For part of the fight Dragon had nunchucks which materlized out of nowhere. After losing his cane sword, One-Eyed Condor magically has a clawed glove, which he does nothing but poss with as Dragon knocks him onto the blade of his own broken sword. One-Eyed Condor dies warning "Dragon, you are strong but there will always someone stronger than you in this world."

‹To Be Continued›

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