episode 23 title

Episode 23: Challenge: Hurricane Karate!
(featuring Shadow assassin Hurricane)


The start of this episode is funny Dark Tiger, with a pipe in his mouth, tells younger man who keeps smoking cigarette after cigarette that if he keeps smoking he's not going to live long. Turns out the man has collected information on Shadow and wants 20 million yen to give the documents to Shadow rather than the police. Dark Tiger asks if he has the papers with him but of course he doesn't, and and he claims that if he dies the information will go to the police. He will contact Dark Tiger again for were to bring the money. Dark Tiger leaves but a Shadow henchmen hiding in the bushes follows the young fool, to the apartment he shares with his sister. And the documents are simply in an envelope behind a picture on the wall. The young man, Ken, gives the envelope to his sister to deliver to the police if things go bad. Dark Tiger goes to Hurricane who thinks he's there to finally send him after Dragon, but actually he just wants the Hurricane to be the one to collect the papers and kill the boy when he comes for the money. Ken calls to set up a meet to collect payment. He used a pay phone in a store where Kojiro and Dragon just happen to be shopping and they heard "See you, Tiger", "papers about Shadow". and "20 million yen". They decide to follow him. When he leads them to a cheap apartment Dragon figures he cannot be a target of Shadow and Kojiro cannot imagine him being a Shadow assassin to get paid 20 million yen. Ken sister screams for help which he doesn't hear because the Shadow henchmen waited until he was out of earshot. Dragon runs into the apartment, find the young woman unharmed but her brother's "insurance policy" is gone. She sends Dragon after the thief. When Kojiro enters the apartment and starts talking about her cute face. she assumes he's up to no good and hits him over the head repeatedly with a large bowl, he says "pretty face, but heart of a demon" and falls down. A train gets in Dragon's way keeping from getting the envelope back. He returns to the apartment empty handed. Learning from the young woman what trouble her brother has gotten himself in they hurry to try to save him/


Hurricane near the drop site, receives a radio message from Dark Tiger informing him that they have the papers so there is no hurry in eliminating the boy. Dark Tiger also informs Hurricane that Dragon is heading his way, and that he can do what he wants about that. Hurricane of course brags that he will "knock down Dragon" and Dark Tiger says he will wait for the good news. Hurricane introduce himself to Dragon announcing he's always wanted to meet him, Dragon's response is "Why? I am no fun at all". Hurricane mixing English and Japanese than talks about his brand of Karate being tested in San Francisco, Rome, Cairo by many but never beaten. And he's wanted a match against Dragon so he joined Shadow. Dragon tells him if he joined Shadow he's lost his soul and his skills, which makes Hurricane angry so he attacks Dragon. Losing to Dragon in unarmed combat, Hurricane pulls a spiked flail on a chain. With it he is able to push dragon down a hill, he thinks he killed him, burring him under a landslide but Dragon is only wounded. Ken arrives at the drop point but there is no money, Kojiro arrives and tells him Shadow has the papers and Dragon is dealing with the assassin. When they hear footsteps Kokiro assumes its his "bro" and opens the door saying to come in but he finds himself facing Hurricane who says in English "thank you". When Hurricane asks which one of the took Shadow's papers Ken, pushes Kojiro towards him saying he is the one. But then Ken tries to run at Hurricane with a knife, the assassins steps aide and Ken just runs out the door, Kojiro manages to make it out too and with Hurricane chasing him because he thinks he's the blackmailer, Kokiro literally runs into Dragon, who's leg is bleeding. Hurricane mistakenly assumes this means he can easily kill Dragon. Kojiro, hides and prays. Ken just hides. Both warriors drop, Hurricane with his last breath simply says "Dragon.." Dragon painfully rolls over and Kojiro runs over to help him stand. Ken also comes out of hiding and promises to work at an honest job from now on.

‹To Be Continued›

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