episode 3 title

Episode 3: The Messenger Of Evil Is Red Scorpion
(featuring Shadow assassin Red Scorpion)

Majin Leung

Dragon finds a rickshaw to take him to the port but arrives after the ship has pulled out. He collapses. Back in Hong Kong the Shadow boss calls Red Scorpion and assigns him the task of killing the Lin family. Dragon is found by INTERPOL agent Majin Leung, his mysterious rival from Hong Kong. who carries him onto a speed boat. INTERPOL has finally learned of the existence of Shadow.

Red Scorpion

Meanwhile, Red Scorpion has convinced the Lin family that he is a friend of Shiranui, Ryuma working with him at the orphanage in Japan. Red Scorpion hypnotizes Lin. Kaimei and orders him to shoot himself in the head, but a throwing knives flies through the window to knock the gun out of his hand. Dragon has arrived. Red Scorpion pulls a knife but Dragon takes it away from him so he flees out the window Dragon came in. Red Scorpion's henchmen have captured the rest of the Lin family as well as the daughter of Dragon's mentor and taken them away.`Dragon finds a box of matches which leads him and Kojiro to a dinner theater, where Red Scorpion hides his true profession behind the disguise of a dancer.

Red Scorpion

Lin's son tells Red Scorpion that Dragon will come beat him up and rescue them. Red Scorpion laughs because that just what he wants, Dragon to attempt their rescue, so he can kill him. Dragon arrives, Leung and Kojiro follow. Leung deals with the henchmen while Dragon goes after the retreating Red Scorpion. Kojiro faints. When Red Scorpion tries to have a hyponitzed Mrs Lin wall backwards off a cliff to hear death, Dragon jumps to her rescue and the battle is on.once more. Red Scorpion switches from throwing knives to a bladed glove. After Red Scorpion is defeated, Dragon returns to Japan. Kojiro says he will go to Japan too. Bruce Leung watches Dragon's plane leave but says they are destined to meet again someday.

‹To Be Continued›

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