episode 4 title

Episode 4: Dragon VS, Black Jaguar
(featuring Shadow assassin: Blue Cat)

This episode title is figurative not literal. As Dragon fights against the Shadow boss Black Jaguar's schemes but never actually enters into physical combat with him. In fact he never comes face to face with him. (We the audience never see him either). Dragon only enters physical combat against Blue Cat and his minions.

Blue Cat Blue Cat

Back home in Japan,, Dragon is unaware the Shadow boss and an assassin Blue Cat have also arrived in Japan and are watching his every move.. Dragon goes to meet a friend, Ogawara, the man who financed his trip to Hong Kong. His friend laughs at the idea that if Shadow targeted the philanthropist Lin it would strike at him because he has Dragon to protect him. Dragon receives a phone call from a Shadow defector who is willing to tell him all he knows about Shadow. Blue Cat strikes, from above dropping a rope around the traitor's neck. Of course Dragon arrives in time to save him. Blue Cat makes noises like a cat, Dragon hisses like a serpent (or a cat for that matter). When Blue Cat flees he hurls a small explosive at Dragon who just tosses it away. Dragon takes the man who was nearly strangled to death to Dr. Kori's clinic.

Just as he's about to learn Shadow's secrets, the children star screaming "fire!" as Dragon runs to the kitchen Blue Cat climbs in an open window to strangle the former Shadow member. The fire was of course a smoke bomb. Dragon returns to the clinic just in time to see Blue Clat scramble out the window. Dragon and Blue Cat somehow end up in some kind of workshop where they battle again until Blue Cat runs outside and Dragon following has to avoid being ran over by a jeep. Next Blue Cat and Dragon both scale a wall which turns out to be the back side of some kind of stadium which Shadow has taken over. There Dragon hears the voice of Black Jaguar asking Dragon to join Shadow and promising to pay him 50 million yen which he can use for the orphanage. Dragon refuses and when he bursts into the room where the voice comes from all he finds is a transmitter hooked up to a load speaker. Having refused to join Shadow, Dragon must die. Blue Cat appears to challenge him. Blue Cat takes him tot he battle ground where Dragon's mentor's daughter and Kojiro have been taken from Hong Kong, their are ropes around their necks. During the finale battle between Blue Cat and Dragon, Dragon tears off his own shirt.. Blue Cat tries to strangle Dragon with a blue rope but ends up with it around his own neck. Then he switches to nunchucks but Dragon (who must be a Kamen Rider fan) kills him with a flying kick.

Note Blue Cat is the first Shadow assassin to dress in the color matching his name.

‹To Be Continued›

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