episode 5 title

Episode 5: The Frightening Silver Praying Mantis
(featuring Shadow assassin: Silver Praying Mantis)

(No that boy is not the title character, but one of Dragon's karate students Kusakabe, Susumu). Dragon, Kojiro and Susumu are doing their karage experts (the boy s better than Kojiro). Susumu and his sister Sanae inherited 80 million yen from their uncle who died in Brazil and have decided to give it all to charity, and some one has called Susumu with a warning that he and his sister are in danger.

Silver Praying Mantis

Black Jaguar phones a boxer who is secretly Silver Praying Mantis to inform him that they "got the job, get on it!". Kusakabe, Sanae is tricked into leaving her home by Silver Praying Mantis with a fake report that her brother was hurt in an accident and taken to a hospital. Disguised as a cab driver instead of taking her to the hospital takes to near some railroad tracks where he intendeds to arrange a fatal accident for her. With a separate accident to befall Susumu later. Claiming they will think she feel in the sea and drowned he sticks her head in a bucket of water. But Dragon, who was watching her house and hid in the back of the cab, appears to save her. Last week Dragon ripped off his own shirt, this week he tears off Silver Praying Mantis. But before he can kill him a new Shadow member named Koji attacks Dragon, and tells .Silver Praying Mantis to report to the boss. Then before retreating himself he informs Dragon that he will be waiting at Yamakawa Gym.

While Sanae is getting her arm bandaged at Kuri's clinic, Dragon comments that this is the first place Shadow would look for her and she cannot go home either. She suggests hiding at her lawyers. Meanwhile Black Jaguar tells Silver Praying Mantis that their is (another) traitor in Shadow and that the Kusakabes have not returned home. Since Sanae has seen Silver Praying Mantis and would be on guard Black Jaguar sends Koji to kill the siblings. They are at their lawyers. When he leaves them in one room to answer the phone in the other (remember this was 1974 no cell phones), Koji comes in and karate chops him unconscious. He then goes to the children and tells them that they need to go to the police and reveals that he is Special Agent Azuma, Koiji.

Azuma, Koiji goes to the gym to report to Silver Praying Mantis that he knocked out the siblings that broke a gas pipe so that tomorrow's news will report the tragic accidental death. But Shadow henchmen were watching the lawyer's home and grabbed the siblings as they attempted to leave. Silver Praying Mantis beat up up Special Agent Azuma, Koijii, twice. Meanwhile, Dragon and Kojiro. have arrived at the lawyer's house but cannot find the siblings. Dragon suddenly remembers the Shadow operative mentioning Yamakawa Gym. At the Gym, the lawyer who will control their uncles estate if Susumu and his Sanae are dead is finally revealed to be the one who hired Shadow to kill them. As if it wasn't obvious as soon as Sanae said "our lawyer will protect us". Silver Praying Mantis claims one punch to each of their faces will not only kill the siblings but disfigure them so they will "rest in peace as unidentified corpses". Which of course doesn't make sense if they cannot be identified how can their lawyer claim the money on the basis that died before they could hand it over to charity? Susumu dodges the blow, causing Silver Praying Mantis to hit the wall, making enough notice for Dragon to hear. Silver Praying Mantis doest' even flinch. He compliments Susumu on his skill at dodging the blow. Susumu begs the killer to spare his sister with a promise that if he agrees he won't move. Silver Praying Mantis doesn't say yes or no just "how touching" then pulls back his arm but Dragon appears to stop him from punching Susumu to death. The lawyer flees. Kojiro arrives in time to see him but is too inept to stop him.

Silver Praying Mantis

Despite all the bragging about how powerful his fists are Silver Praying Mantis finally pulls out weapons, some kind of glove and a thin blade, during the final fight with Dragon,. He also cheats, using a spotlight to blind Dragon. None of this helps him in the end of course. While Dragon is fight Silver Praying Mantis, Special Agent Azuma, Koiji even severely wounded is beating up the lawyer. Azuma tells Dragon where to find the Shadow boss. But by time Dragon gets there nothing is left but the furniture and a black telephone,which rings. Its the Shadow boss, Dragon compliments him on his ability to vacate the premises without even leaving s speck of trash.

‹To Be Continued›

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