episode 7 title

Episode 7: Onward Dragon! To Devil's Island!!
(featuring Shadow assassin Green Spider)

Green Spider

Three hours from Hong Kong on "Devil's Island", Shadow trains its assassins. Green Spider tells his students its time to test their courage. This he does by having them attack a bunch of unarmed, untrained prisoners who were told they could leave the island but were just released from their cell to be murdered. When one of the Shadow henchmen dressed in black tells Green Spider they are short one body, meaning a prisoner escaped Green Spider orders one of the other henchmen to kill the man who reported the bad news. And the condemned man is so indoctrinated into Shadows code of conduct that he makes no move to defend himself but just stands there allowing himself to be beaten to death.

The escaped prisoner someone manages to actually swim to Hong Kong but is captured coming ashore by 3 Shadow henchmen. Since he no longer on their island where they can dispose of the bodies easily, Shadow rules demand that his death look accidental so they intend to inject him with a toxic which will give him a heart attack but he is saved by Dragon. Black Jaguar knows Dragon is in Hong Kong headed for their island and he radios Green Spider is pleased to receive this order. Black Jaguar has a consistency plan. he has captured Dragon's mentor's daughter..

Dragon is trying to find out where exactly "Devil's Island" is but his guess is too traumatized to show him on a map. When he leaves the room he literally runs ino Kojiro and an old friend, Taska, Hayato. Someone set venomous spiders lose into Dragon's apartment and naturally its Kokiro who is nearly bitten. Outside Dragon finally meets Green Spider. But this confrontation is just a distraction so Dragon's guest Chin can be murdered and Green Spider retreats when he and Dragon hear the man's death scream.

Kojro is also abducted but Dragon and Taska, Hayato follow the car Shadow henchmen are driving, on motorcycles. Taska, Hayato says he will distract the guards and while he's battering half the henchmen Dragon enter the building Kojiro has been taken into and fights the other half of the henchmen. When the fight moves back outside, Dragon calls for Green Spider to show himself. Taska, Hayato vanishes and Green Spider appears. Green Spider is armed with nunchucks. Dragon uses a club taken from a henchmen, until he takes the nunchucks from Green Spider, who then switches to a bamboo poll. Both spend a lot of time showing off rather than attacking each other.

When it becomes clear Dragon is winning other Shadow henchmen appear with their prisoner' Dragon's mentor's daughter. Dragon despite her telling him to keep fighting drops the nunchucks. And because Dragon hasn't been shirtless yet in this episode, Green Spider rips Dragon's shirt off him before beginning to beat Dragon to death.

Note: Green Spider is first Shadow assassin to be masked and second Shadow assassin to dress in the color matching his name.

‹To Be Continued›

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