Episode 1: Invincible!! Android Zero One Is Born!!


The Hakaida Squad

Three years have passed since Kikaida defeated the Dark Destruction Corps. The sky fills with thick black smoke. From a dark cloud a bolt of lightning strikes rocky ground. Up out of the ground comes a dark form, it looks like Hakaida except it has one large star and three small red, blue and silver stars on its chest. This is Gill Hakaida. A ball of red fire hits the earth, out of the explosion appears Red Hakaida, carrying Missile Bow Gun (autoloading crossbow with telescopic site). A ball of blue fire strikes the earth. Blue Hakaida, carrying Electric Whip appears. A ball of silver fire strikes the earth. Silver Hakaida, carrying a bo-stick appears.


Lightning strikes the ground, about a dozen red figures with yellow lightning bolts on their chest appear, the Androbots. The Hakaida Squad has been born. The image of a young boy appears in the clouds. The boy's name is Akira. The Hakaida Squad wants him. Why will be revealed much later. The four Hakaidas drive off each on his own motorcycle.

The boy Akira is walking, alone. When he comes to the gate of an Atomic Energy Laboratory he pushes it open walks in and turns on water fountain to take a drink. While Akira is drinking a man is attacked. A whip wraps around his throat. When his two friends see Blue Hakaida they try to flee. One is knocked down by Silver Hakaida's bo-staff the other is shot with an arrow. Gill Hakaida appears. The research lab begins to explode. Akira runs, chased by three Androbots.


In a buddist temple the eyes of a statue begin to flash.

Akira keeps running as the lab burns.


With a bang the statue falls apart to reveal a red and blue robot, Kikaida 01. Kikaida 01 mounts his motorcycle with sidecar, Doublemachine and rides towards the lab.

The Hakaida Squad

Akira climbs down into a sewer. When he thinks he's walked far enough he climbs out. He has trouble pushing off the manhole cover. A grey haird old woman dressed in black helps. Akira runs from her, right into the arms of Gill Hakaida, on his motorcycle. The four Hakaidas drive on, only to stop when they hear a trumpet. A man wearing a blue helmet, red jacket, black gloves, blue pants is playing the trumpet. When he stops he identifies himself as Kikaida 01. Gill Hakaida shots at him with Hakaida shot. Blue Hakaida tries to strangle him with his whip.

Kikaida 01

When he jumps into the air, Silver Hakaida throws his bo-staff at him, knocking him down. When Red Hakaida tries to shot him with his crossbow, the man jumps, lands and moving his hands so they are together over his forehead says, "Change Kikada..." and as he brings his hands apart, "01". A solar collector pops out of his helmet as he transforms into Kikaida 01. Apparently in answer to a question asked by 01, Gill Hakaida explains the he has Professor Gills brain in his head. The Hakaida Squad and Kikaida 01 fight. The Androbots throw lightning bolt shaped weapons at 01. Blue Hakaida whips 01. 01 shouts "01 Cut" and hits the Androbots with a one-handed karate chop, spliting one Androbot's head in half and decapitating two others. Then shouting "01 Driver" he jumps into the air and with his body spinning flies at Gill Hakaida, punching him. Gill Hakaida is knocked down, dropping Akira. 01 picks Akira up and placing Akira in his sidecar, drives off. The four Hakaidas follow on their motorcycles. 01 uses Doublemachine rockets to fly away.

The next scenes is by a lake. 01 has returned to his human form, Ichiro, which means "first son", and has removed his helmet. Akira has removed his shirt and sits ontop of the sidecar. Ichro notices three strange marks on Akira's back. Ichiro hears a woman's screams. He drives off to invistigate, leaving Akira alone by the lake. As the sun shines on Akira's back the camera zooms in and we see that is some sort of schematic on the boy's body.

The old woman who helped Akira with the manhole cover has been attacked by Blue Hakaida. His whip is wrapped around her throat. Blue Hakaida flings the woman up a ledge. When he jumps up after her he is knocked back down by 01. 01 and Blue Hakaida fight. A man with a camera witness the fight and takes photographs. Blue Hakaida unable to beat 01 drives away.

Akira walks alone, again. A laughing Red Hakaida aims his Missile Bow Gun at the boy.

01 finds the unconscious woman. He sees that the woman's face is really a mask, removing it and the wing reveals a black haired, pretty, young woman. 01 leaves the woman in the care of the photographer.

Akira is running now. Four Androbots capture him, putting him in a jeep. The jeep drives off, followed by Red Hakaida on his motorcycle. 01 returns to where Ichiro left Akira and discovers the boy is gone.

Akira has been taken to the Hakaida Squad's base and is tied up. Outside the four Hakaidas wait for 01. The road is mined. The photographer over hears Gill Hakaida talking about the mines and tries to shout a warning to 01, who's too far away to hear. Doublemachine drives through the mine field, unharmed. Shouting Professor Gill's favorite word "kill", Gill Hakaida orders his men to attack. Beating off the Androbots, 01 enters the base. After knocking down several more Androbots he confronts the Hakaidas. He knocks them down then burst through a wall into the room Akira is tied up in. When Red Hakaida tries to shoot 01 with his Missile Bow Gun 01 throws him back through the hole in the wall. When Blue Hakaida tries to use his whip on 01, 01 tosses him into another room. When Silver Hakaida tries to hit 01 with his bo-staff 01 takes it away from him, hits him with it then trows it at a control panel, which explodes. 01 takes Akira out of the Hakaida Squad's base just before it blows up. The photographer who was taking pictures of the whole thing suddenly discovers he forgot to put film in the camera. Akira had been wounded in the leg. Ichiro puts a bandage on the wound. Ichiro notices a small pouch on Akira's belt. Opening it he finds a photograph of Akira and the woman who wore the disguise. With Akira in the sidecar, Ichiro drives away just before scenes of next weeks episode are show followed by the ending them.

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