Episode 2: What Is The Hakaidaa Four Step Attack!?


Two men with shotguns and a dog are out hunting when they see a group of Androbots marching through the forest. The men open fire. The Androbots keep coming. The men turn to run and are confronted by Silver Hakaida and Red Hakaida. Silver Hakaida kills one man with his bo-staff. When the other turns to run, Red Hakaida shoots him in the back with an arrow that explodes. That photographer from episode 1 sees this happen. To keep from being seen he lays down. Both Hakaidas walk right over him.

Gill Hakaida again assigns his Hakaida Squad the task of capturing Akira.

Ichiro takes the photograph of Akira and the mysterious woman to a hospital and shows it to a nurse, who recognising the woman tells Ichiro what room she is in. Red Hakaida, standing on a tree is watching. The nurse takes Ichiro and Akira into the room. The woman is gone. Suddenly Ichiro knocks the nurse down. An arrow comes through the window, it would have hit the nurse. Arrows flying, Ichiro leads the nurse and Akira out of the building. Hearing the laughter of one of the Hakaidas, Ichiro grabs Akira and runs. Blue Hakaida uses his whip to swing through the trees. Silver Hakaida uses his bo-staff to pole vault.

Ichiro and Akira enter an apparently closed amusement park. The rides suddenly come on. Androbots appear. With Blue, Red and Silver Hakaidas watching, Ichiro fights them. He stops to hide Akira in a rollercoaster car then resumes fighting. When the three Hakaida joins the battle, Ichiro jumps into the top of a boxcar and transforms into Kikaida 01. After fighting Androbots on top of rides 01 returns to the ground where blue Hakaida wraps his whip around his neck and sends an electrical charge through the whip. 01 chops the whip in two. The three Hakaidas run to the rollercoaster which has stopped, but when they lift off the blanket that was covering Akira they find a large stuffed Panda toy.

At the new Hakaida Squad base GIll Hakaida beats up on Blue, Red and Silver Hakaidas. Afterwards he points to a screen, says something about Akira. A blip appears on the screen.

Akira is with a woman. When Ichiro comes to get Akira, Akira doesn't want to go with him, keeps hiding behind the woman. Ichiro grabs Akira and walks away. The woman goes in the other direction. Stops. And peels off her mask, revealing, the mysterious woman from episode 1.

Ichiro is riding Double Machine. The sidecar is empty! Ichiro stops by the woman. He shows her the photo of her and Akira.

The Ichiro carrying Akira stops by a motorcycle and becomes Silver Hakaida.

The woman tells Ichiro the Hakaida Squad has Akira.

Silver Hakaida carrying Akira rides off on his motorcycle. He meets up with the rest of the Hakaida Squad. Ichiro's trumpet is heard. After listening to another of Ichiro's speaches, Gill Hakaida shoots at him. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. After destroying a few Androbots, 01 notices the sun is going down. 01 is solar powered so without the sun he's in trouble. He immediatly uses "01 Driver" to knock down more Androbots and Blue, Red and Silver Hakaidas. Then he breaks into their base and after a fight with Gill Hakaida, activates the self-destruct mechanism. He exists the base, which explodes. All four Hakaidas are waiting for him. Blue Hakaida raps his whip around 01's neck and drags him behind his motorcycle. Silver Hakaida hits him with his staff. When they stop, 01 stands. Blue Hakaida sends an electric charge through his whip, but instead of hurting 01 that seems to energise him, because he breaks free and flies into the air, where he meets Gill Hakaida.

3 Hakaidas vs Kikaida 01

The other three Hakaidas fly up to join them. An in the air battle takes place with 01 punched, flipped and kicked by Blue, Red and Silver Hakaida. Then the three Hakaidas form a triangle holding onto different parts off Blue Hakaida's whip. Gill Hakaida knocks 01 into the triangle. The high voltage charge burns into 01's legs. He falls to the ground, both his legs have holes in them and he can't stand. The Hakaida Squad lands and start searching for 01. Akira finds him. 01 tries to get Akira to go away, but he doesn't. The episode ends with Akira helping 01 to drag himself into hiding.

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