Episode 3: The Return Of Jiro  Kikaida


The Hakaida Squad

Akira and 01, his legs broken by the Hakaida Squad, are hidding from the Hakaida Squad who have been searching for them all night. The sun is rising. Akira and 01 change their hiding place and are caught. The Hakaida Squad seems to take pleasure in whiping, hitting and shooting at the fallen 01. 01 crabs hold of Blue Hakaida's whip to lift himself up and then hits Blue Hakaida knocking him down, but Gill Hakaida kicks 01 down again. Red Hakaida aims his Missile Bow Gun at 01, but smoke bombs suddenly go off. When the smoke clears 01 is gone. A guitar is heard. Jiro is standing on a hill. Gill Hakaida shots at him. Kikaida appears on Side Machine. Kikaida and the Hakaida Squad fight.

01 is repairing himself. He finishes just as the sun rises. Akira runs up to him. 01 picks the boy up. They hug.

Red Hakaida aims his Missile Bow Gun at Kikaida but before he can fire he's hit from behind by 01. The Kikaida brothers take on the Hakaida Squad. Red, Blue and Silver Hakaida all end up damged whith sparks coming out of their shoulders. That reporter appears to take pictures. Gill Hakaida uses White Crow (his motorcycle) to fill the air with black smoke. When the smoke clears the Hakaida Squad is gone. 01 and Kikaida spot that mysterious woman watching from a hill, but by the time Ichiro and Jiro reach the top she is gone. Akira comes running to Ichiro.

The photographer is playing with some children at a playground, we find out his name is Ganta. Akira takes the film out of Ganta's camera exposing it, ruining it. No one notices that mysterious women hiding in the bushes. Ichiro and Jiro ride off on Double Machine and Side Machine (Jiro doesn't use his ordinary motorcycle with side car in this series). They start off together then Double Machine goes to the left and Side Machine to the right. Ganta is chasing Akira and another kid when he stops to photograph a statue of a naked woman.

Ichiro stops at a quary and is attacked by Androbots. Jiro stops at another part of the same quary and is also attacked. After fighting off the Androbots the brothers meet.

Ganta is attacked by Androbots. One knocks him out, others each grab a kid. Ichiro's trumpet is heard. Mid way into the song Jiro's guitar joins in. Ichiro stops playing first. The brothers fight the Androbots. When the Androbots have all been destroyed the brothers check that the children are okay. Akira is missing. The sky is filled with more Androbots who land fight the brothers. Akira is found to be in the arms of that woman. She takes off with Akira as Ichiro and Jiro return to fightning Androbots. "Change, switch on, one, two, three". Jiro transforms into Kikaida. "Change, Kikaida Zero One". Ichiro becomes Kikaida 01. They use Side Machine and Double Machine to run down Androbots before taking to the air. The battle continues in flight. Eventually they land. 01 breaks into the Hakaida Squad's Androbot factory, where he encounters Blue, Red and Silver Hakaidas. Kikaida bursts through a wall to take on Gill Hakaida. After knocking Gill Hakaida down, Kikaida jumps through the cieling into the above room where 01 needs help against the other three Hakaidas. After defeating the Hakaidas 01 and Kikaida each grab a switch. Together the pull the switches. The Androbot factory explodes.

An Androbot says something to Gill Hakaida who responds by shooting it. The Hakaida Squad meets in their original spot. Akira's face followed by that woman's, appear in the clouds.

Jiro and Ichiro shake hands then drive off together. Akira rides in Double Machine's sidecar. The four Hakaidas on their own motorcycles watch them go.

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