Episode 4: Bizarre! The Ghost Robot Disappearance!?


Silver Shrimp

A giant Silver Shrimp with a red head, walks towards a house. Inside the house are a woman and a girl. Behind them on the mantle is a photograph of the woman, the girl, a man and Akira! The lights start to flicker. This is because the Silver Shrimp is trying to break the outside wires. The lights go out. The woman lights a candle. The girl sees the shadow of the Silver Shrimp outside the glass doors, but when the woman looks it is gone. The woman hears a sound. When she looks out the glass doors she sees Silver Shrimp. She backs away. She feels something on her neck. Touches her neck, a red liquid comes off on her hand. A puddle of the red liquid appears on the floor. The liquid transforms into the Silver Shrimp. The monster ties up the girl, suspender her from the ceiling. He then shows the woman, the girls mother, a picture of Akira. At the Hakaida Squad's new base, Gill Hakaida, Red Hakaida and Blue Hakaida are watching these things on their monitor screen.

Ichiro is riding Double Machine, with Akira in the sidecar. When they stop, Red Hakaida has Ichiro in his site but the woman who's daughter the Silver Shrimp has taken prison appears and blocks his shot. The woman hugs Akira. She shows Ichiro a picture like the one on her mantle. Akira runs away. Ichiro goes after him. An arrow just misses Ichiro, hitting a tree. Ichiro grabs Akira and rulls as arrows hit the ground. When Red Hakaida finally shows himself Ichiro jumps onto the roof of a house and transforms into Kikaida 01, but Red Hakaida is now gone.

The woman and Akira are running away when they are surrounded by Androbots. Jiro's guitar is heard. Ichiro's younger brother fights the Androbots.

Silver Shrimp

01 uses "01 Driver" to knock Red Hakaida out of a tree. Blue Hakaida jumps down out of a tree, picks up Red Hakaida and they ride away on his motorcycle. A silver boulder rolls down a hill towards 01 who dodges it. The boulder becomes Silver Shrimp. Silver Shrimp turns back into the boulder and tries again. This time he knocks 01 down before becoming Silver Shrimp again. Seeing his brother in trouble, Jiro transforms into Kikaida, jumps over Silver Shrimp and helps 01 up. Silver Shrimp vanishes underground. 01 and Kikaida become Ichiro and Jiro again. Ichiro takes Akira to the woman's house in Double Machine's sidecar. Jiro takes the woman in Side Machine's sidecar, and then he drives away. Ichiro and Akira walk to house. The woman hangs back by the gate, until three Androbots appear and pointing their lightning bold weapons at her, prod her to get inside. She opens the door for Ichiro and Akira. Once inside Ichiro looks up to see Androbots hiding in the corners, on the ceiling. Three Androbots come down to attack him, he fights them off then runs up the stairs.

The woman has put Akira at a table with a glass of something orange and a pink and white cake. She hears a noice and leaves the room. When the cake starts making noises, Akira knocks it onto the floor. The cake becomes Silver Shrimp. Akira runs into another room, closes the door and piles furniture in front of it.

Ichiro finds himself in the room the girl is tied up in, suspended from the ceiling. Androbots attack him. He defeats the Androbots and frees the girl.

Silver Shrimp slides between the door and the frame into Akira's room.

Ichiro returns the girl to her mother. Mother tells Ichiro that Akira is in danger. Ichiro runs back up the stairs and breaks into the room Akira was hiding in. Akira and Silver Shrimp are gone. Looking out the window Ichiro sees that mysterious woman who's picture he's been carrying. She sees him and runs. Ichiro runs out of the house after her. The woman stops a dumptruck and apparently tells the driver a man is after her. He pulls her into the cab and drive away just as Ichiro comes running up. Ichiro gets on Double Machine to drive after them.

The dumptruck driver becomes Blue Hakaida. The back of the truck is suddenly full of Androbots. The woman runs but falls. Blue Hakaida whips her while Red Hakaida stands by with his Missile Bow Gun. An Androbot picks her up and holding by the kneck forces her to walk. Ichiro's trumpet is heard. While Ichiro fights the Androbots the woman drives off in the dumptuck. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and uses "01 Driver" to knock down Red and Blue Hakaidas and to destroy several Androbots. Gill Hakaida arrives on White Crow, driving around in circles, spraying black smoke. When the smoke clears, 01 is alone.

At Hakaida Squad base Gill Hakaida beats up on Red and Blue Hakaidas. Then he announces a new plan, "Satanic Darkness".

Silver Shrimp

Akira is walking alone, outside a temple. Androbots and Silver Shrimp appear. That idiot photographer, Ganta is watching. Silver Shrimp is pierced by an Androbot lightning bolt, thrown at him by 01. Silver Shrimp pulls out the lignting bolt, tossing it to the ground. When 01 throws an Androbot it lands by Ganta, who seeing it coming drops his camera. When he picks his camera out from under the Androbot body, the lense has fallen off. 01 uses "01 Driver" to destroy more Androbots but before he can hit Silver Shrimp the monster jumps into the air and twirls himself on a silver staff that appears suspended in air. Seeing this 01 recognises that Silver Shrimp is actually Silver Hakaida. 01 flies into the air to destroy some flying Androbots.

Satanic Darkness

Ichiro leading Akira by the hand runs through a quarry. Gill Hakaida flies into the air. Thick black smokes pours out of his body, creating Satanic Darkness. Ichiro cannot transform into Kikaida 01. The silver ball tries to bowl Ichiro over, misses and becomes Silver Shrimp. Ichiro dodges Silver Shrimps blows so he becomes the silver ball and tries again to knock Ichiro down. Ichiro dodges. Suddenly, Kikaida on Side Machine flies through the black smoke. The sun shines through the hole Side Machine cut into the smoke.

Silver Shrimp vs Kikaida 01

Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01 and attacks Silver Shrimp. 01 punches and kicks Silver Shrimp. Silver Shrimp grabs 01 by the throat. 01 breaks free and hits Silver Shrimp. Silver Shrimp tries to get 01 by the throat again but 01 kicks him back and then crossing his arms shouts "Blast End". Silver Shrimp falls down a cliff and explodes. Blue and Red Hakaida rush to the bottom to help up a shaken and hurt Silver Hakaida.

Ichiro and Jiro shake hands then drive off on their motorcycles, Akira riding in Double Machine's sidecar.

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