Episode 5: Terror! An Egg Laughs On Blue Alligator Island!!


Blue Alligator

A man is working on his beached boat when his son arrives brining lunch. They start to eat when a strange sound is heard. Looking around the boy sees a large sphere floating in the ocean. When it lands on the beach the boy's father approaches it, when it starts to glow he backs away. Several other fishermen have arrived. The sphere laughs then breaks open to reveal a Blue Alligator. The fishermen run away but are chased back by Androbots. Blue Alligator eats a man, then spits out his bones and skull. When another man tries to run, Blue Alligators head flies off and bites the man to death. Distracted by the men neither Blue Alligator nor the Androbots see the boy escape. Ganta the photographer pops up from under a blanket, inside a boat. He has the boy hid under the blanket while he takes photographs. Blue Alligator sees Ganta and takes him prisoner. With balls and chains on their ankles, the men are taken to Alligator Island as slave labor for the Hakaida Squad.

Akira looking down at the beach through a pair of binoculars sees the bones. He looks for Ichiro but can't find him. When he hears Double Machine, he looks at the beach again. Ichiro has parked near the bones. Akira joins Ichiro on the beach. Blue Alligator must have killed more men off camera because there were more bones than one man would have and at least five skulls on the beach. Ichiro recognises that this must be the work of the Hakaida Squad. Ichiro and Akira hear someone crying. They find the boy hidden in the boat. The boys stares out at sea. Ichiro can see Alligator Island in the distance. As the three walk away, Blue Alligator watches them go, laughing. Did he know the boy was there all along, did he leave him there as a trap for 01? Ichiro takes the boys to a hotel.

On Alligator Island Red Hakaida, Blue Alligator and Silver Hakaida get their orders from Gill Hakaida.

That mysterious women who keeps appearing to watch over Akira, walks on the beach. When she finds a bottle with a note in it, apparently from the slaves on Alligator Island she is attacked by Blue Alligator and several Androbots. Blue Alligator hits her in the stomach, knocking her out. Jiro's guitar is heard, briefly. Jiro fights Blue Alligator. When Jiro tries to change into Kikaida he hears a sound he hasn't heard in over three years, Professor Gill's flute! On Alligator Island, Gill Hakaida wearing the professors cape is playing the flute.

Hakaida playing Prof. Gill's flute

Riding down the beach on Double Machine, Ichiro stops when he hears a noise. He recognizes it as Professor Gill's flute, but it has no effect on him because his conscious circuit is complete. Looking around he sees Jiro down, Androbots around him. Ichiro leaps into action. Ichiro hurls Androbots. The sound of them exploding covers the sound of the flute, Jiro transforms into Kikaida. When Red Hakaida, Silver Hakaida and Gill Hakaida, without cape or flute, appear, Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. While Kikaida takes out the Androbots 01 uses "01 Driver" to knock down the 3 Hakaidas and Blue Alligator. The villains vanish. 01 and Kikaida jump into the air, do summersaults and land on the beach as Ichiro and Jiro. The woman is still there, laying on the sand. Jiro picks her up. Ichiro heads back to the hotel to check on Akira.

Akira and the other boy are in the lounge taking in a show. A woman in red is singing, a woman in violet is dancing with her. Suddenly that woman takes Akira and the other boy backstage. When they get backstage, the real dancer is on the ground tied up and gagged!

Ichiro makes it back to the hotel but discovers the boys are missing. He finds and unties the dancer then returns to the beach.

The boys have been taken to Alligator Island. Akira is put on a table, and locked under a glass case. The other boy is taken somewhere else.

01 trapped!

At the beech Ichiro hears a woman's cry for help. She appears to be drowning. Ichiro jumps into the water to help. It's a trap! Ichiro is sucked under into a capsule. The capsule sinks taking Ichiro down into the ocean where he is cut off from the light of the sun so he cannot transform into Kikaida 01. Worse than that, the capsule is headed for a large mine. When the capsule hits the mine, Ichiro will be destroyed!

On Alligator Island the three Hakaidas and Blue Alligator are watching Ichiro on their monitor screen. They laugh at 01's impending demise. In the capsule Ichiro seems to be panicing. He tries to break out but doesn't have the strength. The guage inside the capsule shows it is about to hit bottom when suddenly the guage starts going the other way, the capsule begins to rise. The capsule is being pushed back up by Kikaida. As soon as sunlight shines in through the capsule's window, Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. The three Hakaidas and Blue Alligator see this and exit their base.

Kikaida 01 and Kikaida land on Alligator Island and immediatly start fighting Androbots. 01 sends Kikaida to find Akira. On the way Kikaida takes out the Androbots guarding the slaves. When their guards are defeated the slaves esape. The fisherman and his son are reunited. Blue Alligator breaks out of his egg to take on 01. 01 gets away from Blue Alligator only to run into the 3 Hakaidas. Red Hakaida shoots at him with his Missile Bow Gun, Silver Hakaida throws his bo-staff at him and Gill Hakaida shoots at him. 01 uses "01 Cut" to split the heads of Androbots and to knock down Blue Alligator. Blue Alligator returns to his egg, which apparently repairs any damage he suffers. He comes out of the egg to fight 01 again.

Inside their base Androbots are attempting to get the plans from Akira's back. Kikaida comes in and stops them, freeing Akira.

Blue Alligator vs Kikaida 01

Back outside, Kikaida fights the three Hakaidas while 01 fights Blue Alligator. When Kikaida sees Blue Alligator return to his egg, Kikaida tries to get to 01 but the Hakaidas are in his way again. Blue Alligator comes out of his egg and his head flies off at 01. 01 manages to knock it aside twice but the third time it manages to get him by the neck. Kikaida fights his way to his brother and kicks the alligator head off his brother. Kikaida then apparently suggest to 01 that they destroy the egg. The two brothers pick up the bottom half of the egg. The Hakaidas see what they're doing at shout at them to stop. The two brothers throw the egg shell. When it hits the rocks it explodes. Blue Alligator spins around, screaming, several times before falling over and exploding. Akira and the former slaves come out of hiding. The fishermen thank 01 and Kikaida for freeing them (mostly it was Kikaida). That mysterious woman appears again, watching from the background.

Ichiro and Jiro ride off down the road, Akira in Double Machine's side car.

Standing on a cliff Gill Hakaida makes threats (I'm guessing) against 01 while Silver Hakaida holds onto the arm of a badly damged Blue Hakaida. Beneath them, shaking his hands is Scarlet Centipede.

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