Episode 6: The Magician Versus Zero One's Secret Ability!!



Some girls are swining in a playground, all but one leave. The one left behind picks up a piece of paper. It's a flyer about a magic show. The girl goes to the show which takes placed inside a tent. There are many other children there. The magician (played by Miyaguchi, Jiro who was Colonel Zol in Kamen Rider) puts a red cloak over the face of his young female assistant, walks around her waiving his wand. When he uncoveres her she has become an ugly old woman with long white hair. He covers her again and walks around her waiving the wand. When he removes the cover, the woman has vanished.

Scarlet Centipede

Finally the magician covers himself and turns around several times. When he uncovers himself, he has become Scarlet Centipede. There is a flash and centipedes cover the tent. When the children try to flee Androbots block the exit. The girl from the swing climbs under the tent to escape.

Ichiro stops Double Machine when he sees something lying by the side of the road. It turns out to be the girl. She tells him about the monster. He takes her to her home.

At the Hakaida Squad's new base Scarlet Centipede is irritated by the noisy children, so he shoots spikes at an Androbot. The spikes stick then explode destroying the Androbot. Other Androbots drag the children away. The children are put into a machine.

More children are playing, in a quarry. The stop by a red cloak lying on the ground. The cloak becomes Red Centipede. The children try to run away but are captured by Androbots. Ichiro's trumpet is heard. Ichiro transforms into Kikaida 01. 01 defeats the Androbots. The children run away but more Androbots appear. When 01 tries to get to the children Scarlet Centipede blocks his way. After exchaning punches and kicks with Scarlet Centipede, 01 uses "01 Cut". Scarlet Centipede falls apart. 01 turns his back on the pieces. That was a mistake, the pieces attack 01 knocking him down. 01 gets back up, the pieces of Scarlet Centipede knock him down again.

The Androbots are taking the children away when Jiro's guitar is heard. Jiro attacks the Androbots. When Jiro tries to go to 01 the Gill Hakaida, Blue Hakaida and Silver Hakaida attempt to run him over. Jiro changes into Kikaida and jumping into the air escapes. He lands by 01 and helps him to fight the pieces of Scarlet Centipede. Blue Hakaida and Silver Hakaida join the fight. 01 tries to go after the children but Scarlet Centipede appears and wounds him in the ankle with his spikes. 01 and Scarlet Centipede throw each other off a cliff disturbing Ganta. Ganta rolls off a ledge and almost lands ontop of that mysterious woman. She slaps Ganta who runs away. Gill Hakaida joins the fight against Kikaida. Silver Hakaida swings on his staff and knocks Kikaida down, but Kikaida gets back up and after landing a few good punches throws Blue Hakaida into Gill Hakaida. The three Hakaida's mount their motorcycles and drive away.

The three Hakaidas are back at their base when a wounded and dirty Scarlet Centipede comes in. Gill Hakaida hits him, knocking him down. Silver Hakaida and Blue Hakaida pick Scarlet Centipede up. After Gill Hakaida orders them to kill 01 and Kikaida, Scarlet Centipede pulls away from Silver Hakaida and Blue Hakaida. He stands on his own for a short time then falls over.

Jiro repairs Ichiro's ankle.

Scarlet Centipede appears by a window. The girl from the swing sees him and cries out. Her mother sees him and dropping dishes screams. Ichiro comes running into the kitchen but Scarlet Centipede is gone from the window when he gets there. Akira is in a room by himself. He hears a strange noise but doesn't see anything wrong. Scarlet Centipede is crawling across the floor behind Akira's chair. A hand grabs Akira by the ankle.

Akira is carried off by an Androbot following Scarlet Centipede. Akira calls for help but instead of rescuing him, Ichiro quietly follows. Jiro steps out from behind some bushes, joining Ichiro in the pursuit. The brothers follow the Scarlet Centipede and the Androbots into a cave. An Androbot head on the ceiling, apparently an alarm, flashes and makes a beeping noise. Jiro jumps up punching it. It explodes, making a noise louder than the alarm. Androbots appear, they're easily defeated.

Hakaida playing Prof. Gill's flute

The Scarlet Centipede and the other Androbots take Akira into the room where the children are, in the machine, which seems to suck blood out of them. Akira is taken somewhere else. Ichiro and Jiro enter the room. As Ichiro and Jiro are fighting the Androbots and Scarlet Centipede, Gill Hakaida plays Professor Gill's flute. Scarlet Centipede laughs at Jiro's inability to change into Kikaida now.

cross bodies

Ichiro grabs Jiro by the arm and says something like "Cross Bodies", Jiro and Ichiro hold onto each others left hands while crossing their right arms. Their bodies glow then they jump through the ceiling. Outside they shout "Double Change" and together transform into Kikaida and Kikaida 01. The brothers land back inside the room. Kikaida defeats the Androbots and knocks Scarlet Centipede down, then frees the children. 01 leaves the room.

01 breaks into the room where Gill Hakaida is playing Professor Gill's flute. Gill Hakaida tries to hit 01 with the flute but 01 knocks the flute out of his hands, it hits the floor and explodes. The flute is never heard from again.

01 finds Akira and unties him.

Kikaida 01 vs Scarlet Centipede

01 and Kikaida exit the Hakaida Squad base. Outside they encounter Gill Hakaida, Blue Hakaida, Silver Hakaida and Scarlet Centipede. While Kikaida deals with the three Hakaidas, 01 fights Scarlet Centipede. Scarlet Centipede shoots his spikes at 01, they explode. 01 holding out his arms spins around, the spikes are sent back at Scarlet Centipede. Then 01 uses "01 Driver" immediatly followed by "Blast End". Scarlet Centipede falls down to the bottom of the quarry and explodes.

The children thank Ichiro and Jiro, who drive off on Double Machine and Side Machine. The four Hakaidas watch, on their motorcycles. Gill Hakaida says something about "Black Dragon".

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