Episode 13: Oil S.O.S.
(featuring Oil Monster Pestar)

Pestar Pestar

Starting in Iran, oil field fires break out and tankers in the ocean burst into flames. Science Special Search Party Middle East Branch cannot find the cause. Weeks later, in Japan an oil truck and then an oil tanker are attacked by a sea monster. SSSP's attempt to destroy the monster at sea failed and it came ashore to set an oil refinary on fire. After its hit int the stomach by a missile the monster colapses. And the SSSP turns to fighting the fire.


With Ide surrounded by flames Hayata becomes Ultraman to put out the fire and save him. The monster awakens and attacks Ultraman from behind but one blast from his "Specium Ray" kills it. He then proceeds to put out the fire. Ide is saved, but blaming himself for the monster coming ashore and the fire he tries to resign. The Captain refuses his resignation.

Note: Pestar is the second monster played by two men working together.

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