Episode 14: The Pearl Defense Directive
(featuring Sprout Monster Gamakugira)

Gamakugira Gamakugira

SSSP fights another sea monster, this one eats pearls and sprays out hot water. Fuji hates the monster because it eats pearls, her birthstone, drving up the cost of pearls at the jewerly store. SSPP manages to tag the monster with four ballons, blue, red, yelllow and green, so even when it dives they can track it. They bomb it driving it to the surface then catch it in a net strung between to jets. When they electrify the next the monster is enraged and magages to knock Hayata's jet out of the sky and escaping from the net. it heads ashore which is what they were trying to stop it from doing, right to a beach full of women (with pearls). Cap releases the more they bomb the monster the stronger it becomes. They fire a missile at the monster which instead of explosind lodges in the monster's back and lifts into the air. Hayata becomes Ultraman and kills the monster by crashing into it. Ultraman survives the explosion Gamakugira does not.

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