Episode 15: Terrifying Cosmic Rays
(featuring Two-Dimensional Monster Gavadon

Gavadon drawing Gavadon

A child's drawing on a piece of concreate tubbing is transformed into a a monster by cosmic rays. The monsters is essentially harmless but SSSP bombs it anyway, breaking off its tail. When the sun sets the monster fades away. And a new star appears in the night sky.

Gavadon drawing Gavadon

They next day the children draw another more detailed monster, which also comes to life. But this time SSSP does not attack since all these monsters do is sleep unless provocked.

Gavadon Gavadon

Disapointed that all their monster does is sleep, the children make a third drawing, which is the same as the second one, and talking to it they ask it to do more than just sleep all day. The third monster appears and just goes to sleep but the military sends tanks to attack it. The children shout at the military not to kill the monster. And when Ultraman appears they shout at him "Ultraman, go home!" Ultraman wrestles with the monster, before carrying into space. That night the children are sad, when they hear a voice telling them that every July 7th Gavadon will appear in the sky. When they look up they see Ultraman then Gavadon as a constellation.

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