Episode 3: Science Patrol, Move Out!
(featuring Invisible Monster Neronga)

Neronga Neronga

Fuji, Akiko and Hoshino, Isamu are checking on strange noises reported coming from a well. Hoshino climbs down into the well before Fuji and a guard can stop him. As he is exploring he is startled by a huge eye. Fuji goes down after him. Her timing was bad because as soon as she went undegroud the monster surfaced and destroyed a hydro-electric dam. The movments of the monster caused an earthquake sealing the well so Fuji and Hoshino are forced to search for another way out. Meanwhile becuase the monster was invisible the destruction was reported as "a freak landslide". Not having heard back from Fuji. Cap. decides they should investigate. Fuji and Hoshino find their way to an undewater cave and are rescued by police when they arrive on a beach. An egineer from the power planet reports that there have been mysterious power loses and he now believes the monster has been feeding on their electricy for some time. A power transmission station loses power. Hayata, Shin are sent (by car) to check it out, as the captain flies back to base. The monster appears and Arashi tries to shoot it but the energy from his gun just energises it and it returns fire, stunning Arashi. The monster starts to feed on electric from the plant but Hayata has them turn off the power and it becomes invisble as it leaves the area.

Neronga Neronga

Hoshino has (somehow) learned that centuries ago a monster called Neronga was driven underground by a samurai warrior. Arashi speculates that feeding on elecricyt from the power plant for two years Neronga grew too large to live under the well and so it surfaced. Realing anothe power plant is mostl likely Neronga's next target the team heads out, not realizing that Hoshino has taken Arashi's "Spider Shot" without permission and stodeaway in the back of the aircraft. The figure it out when they arrive at the power plant and Arashi and Fuji look for him but do not find him. The Science Special Search Party are not alone at the plant, they have military backup. But again, all they end up doing when they fire on Neronga is energize the monster. Hoshino shoots Neronga in the face with "Spider Shot" which blinds it in one eye, but in doing so he drains the gun's power supply. Hoshino tries to run away but falls, knocking himsellf out. Arashi and Hayata find Hoshino who recovers enough to call for Ultraman to come defeat Nergona. Hayata leaves Arashi to take the boy to safety whle he runs towards the monster and transforms into Ultraman. After the monster is dead and Ultraman has flown away, Hayata is walking back towards the group, Ide, Mitsuhiro begins to suspect him saying to himself "there is something fishy about him".

Note: Neronga's roar is Baragon's roar from the moeie "Frankenstein vs. Baragon" (1965).

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