Episode 30: Phantom Of The Snow Mountains
(featuring Legend Monster Woo)


A hunter found nearly frozen to death claims to have been attacked by Woo, a local monster of legend. actually he was the agressor. It did nothing to him, he shot at it. And then fell in the snow. Hs rescuers from the ski lodge don't believe Woo exists but for the sake of the skiers they decide to report the indicent to the SSSP to investigate. Cap sends Arashi, Hayata and Ide. Woo is actualy peaceful unless attacked or its friend a young woman name Yuki is threatend by the stupid locals who don't recognise that it is their agression and supersitition that is evil. Arashi is totatly wrong in this episode. He fires on Woo when Woo hasn't harmed or even threatened anyone and will not listen to Ide who tells him he is wrong. It was Arashi who drove Woo into a frenzi. Ultraman is no better. They ski lodge was destroyed becaue he tossed Woo into it. Yuki is chased by local hunters. In the middle of the fight with Ultraman woo simply vanishes as Yuki lost in the mountain freezes to death, her pet rabbit trying to awaken her corpse. . A very strange and unsatisfiying ending. Arashi and Ultraman never admit they were the agressors and in the wrong.

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