Episode 31: Who Goes There?
(featuring Vampire Plant Keronia)

Keronia Keronia ships

Goto, from the SSSP South America branch after 20 years returns to Japan to work with SSSP Japan The SSSP Japan officers are confused because he doesn't look to be over 30 which means he would have started working for SSSP at age 10 (I guess they forgot Hoshino, Isamu would was 12) but then he explains that 20 years ago his father was the SSSP member and the family had moved to Bolivia. Cap tries to light his pipe but his lighter won't light. Fuji offers match but it goes out. No one notices the look on Goto's face when he saw the lighter and the match. However, Ide fand Arashi feel something is off about him. Hayara laughs off their concernes. But then Fuji enters the room and tells them that Goto knew the building had secret alloy mixed in with the concret and steel. They try toTcontact Bolivia but communications between Japan and Bolivia is blocked. They do receive a local comminication about a strange plant. Talking to a botanist they discover it was Goto's father who first reported finding a vampirc plant, Keronia, in South America. Snooping in Goto's room Fuji encounters a human sized monster. It zaps her. Later, Goto claims he was not in his room when Fuji was attacked. After attackiing the botanist, Goto aka Keronia giant sizes. And threatnes to destroy mankind claiming to have many of its kind over seas. Then ships built by Keronia invade.

Keronia Ultraman

Defense Force tanks are destroyed by the giant Keronia. Cap orders all SSSP officers to return to HQ to mount an attack by air but Hayata runs towards the giant monster as if he didn't hear cap. And he ignores Arashi and Ide too. Hayata becomes Ultraman. The Specium Ray doesn't hurt Keronia. While Ultraman battles the giant Keronia, Cap, Arashi and Ide take on their ships but they are running out of missles. Ultraman release a green energy weapon which kills the Keronia monster than uses Specium Ray to take out their ships. The strange mushrooms appearing in town were dug up and destroyed.

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