Episode 5: The Secret Of The Miroganda
(featuring Bizarre Plant Green Monse)

Green Monse

A car crashes, a man gets out of the car and is attacked by a man-eating plant. A man in a white lab coat, writting at a desk is attacked by a man-eating plant. A reporter and a geologist, after examing their bodies, the police ask the Science Special Search Party for help in their investigation. Cap sends Ide and Arashi to the Omuro Highlands, to invesitage the death of a botanist, three days ago. While he and Hayata investigate the two new deaths. Cap and Hayata find a strange green substance on the street and on the window's of the reporter's ca, Arashi and Ide learn that a flower the botanist was studying is missing from his lab. Fuji runs a search on the "electronic brain" of the SSSP which reveals that the three dead men were all members of a five person research team. The two remaing members are zoologist and a photographer. At the geologists lab, Dr. Iwamoto has examined some of the green susbatance which he says its mucin similar to thrail left behind by snails except it has chlorophyill in it which is from plants not animals,which is why its green. Fuji alerts Cap that the zoologis has been attacked. He and Hayata hurry to the scene. Apparently Cap and Hayata don't find anything new at the zoologists because we never see what they find. Arashi and Ide visit. Dr. Iwamoto who is examing more of the substance has found, mucin, chlorophyill and traces of radioactivity. Ide has a photograph of the missing flower. Dr. Iwamoto recognizes it as a Miroganda which the botanist had been experimenting on. Arashi surmises that he ttraid raditon on the flower and something went wrong. Later, at the base, the other men decided they should join Hayata, who was now at the photographer's home,

MirogandaGreen Monse

The photographer is a woman who claims to have no idea why anyone would want to kill the other researchers. She then tells the story of how they found the Miroganda flower through a flashback, which is in black and white (except for the flower). After she found the flower she was attacked by a plant. Back to the present: the SSSP spend the night guaridn the phorographer but nothing happens. Next morning Fuji contacts them a report and each man reports "nothing stranger here" from their posts inside and outside the house. So naturally Arashi is attacked the second after he makes his report. Forntuantly for him. Fuji tried to contact him again and getting no response she alerted the others. Hayata resued Arashi and all the men shot the carnverious plant with their energy guns Super Guns and it appears to have been destroyed. But, back at the lab, Dr. Iwamoto thinks its unlikely the Super Guns could have actually killed it, in fact he thinks the energy from their weapons would make it grow. He''s right of course and a call comes ino about a monster. A giant sized plant monster bursts though one building and starts smashing other building. Arashi who blames himself for the giant monsters runs ahead to shoot it with his Spider Shot, Cap stps others from rushing forward. Spider Shot at the plant monster only results in it spraying Arashi with spours. Hayata tells the others, incluiding Cap, to back him up. As they fire their Super Shots to distract the monster, Hayata rushes forward to bring Arashi to safety. Arashis is unconccious, so its safe for Hayata to use the Beta Capsule. Ultraman sets the plant monster onfire, destroying it,

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