Episode 8: The Monster Anarchy Zone
(featuring Red King, Chandlar, Magula, Suflan, Pigmon)

Chandlar vs. Red King Magula

Four scientists are sent to study an island formed by volcanic eruptions two years ago. After one week no word is heard from the team of scientists. After three more days of no reply to radio calls, the SSSP is sent to rescue the scientists. As they are flying to the island, two giant monsters on the island are fighting. At first Chandlar, the winged monster appears to be winning but then Red King rips off one of Chandlar's wings, resulting in the winged monster running away. A third monster, Magula, burrows up from under the ground but then goes back down apparently decididng not to challange Red King after all. The SSSP jet arrives. They see Red King and Arashi wants to fir a rocket into its belly but Cap doesn't want to anger the monster with four people somehwere on the island. They land near the observation station, which turnes out to be badly damaged and abandoned. Cap sends Arashi, Ide and Fuji to search the western jungle region while he and Hayata set out to search the eastern volcanic region.

Suflan Magula

Arashi, Ide and Fuji find cans of food and a bloodied shirt when they attempt to radio Cap they discover their radios don't work. Worse than that though they are attacked by a carnverious plant which grabs Fuji and Ide. Arashi burns the vines with Spider Shot. Cap and Hayata haven't found anything. When Hayata tries to reach the others his radio just gives him static, like theirs did them. Magula appears infront of Cap and Hayata. Arashi, Ide and Fuji find another scientist's hat. Cap and Hayata throw Napalm Grenades at the monster but Hayata is knocked off a ledge, knocked unconcsious and loses the Beta Capsule. Cap's grenade seems to have killed the monster. Arashi, Ide and Funji encounter a small monster which runs from them. Arashi finds a mongramed hankerchef and is confinced they were dopped to help them find the scietist Matsui, by the monster. Cap is trying to climb down to Hayata.


When the other three see the little monster again, Ide fires a Balloon Shot to tage it so they can follow the balloom. The little, friendly monster Pigmon, leads them to the last surving scientist. And then the big bull Red King kills the harmless Pigmon depsite Arashi and Ide's best efforts to safe it. Ide send up a flare to let Cap and Hayata know they need their help..

Red King

Cap has reached Hayata who is now concscious but he tells Cap to go on without him faining injury. As soon as Cap is out of sight, Hayata reaches for the Beta Capsule, which isn't in his pocket. Of course he find its. Ultraman uses the "Specium Ray" on a bolider in Red King's claws causing the monster to drop it on its own feet. Ultraman than strangels Red King before hurling the monster of his shoulders it falls on its back and dies. Three large crosses are placed in remebrence of the dead scientists. Hayata his arm in a sling.

Note 1: Chandora costume s a slightly modfied Peguila costume from Ultra Q
Note 2: Magula costume is modified Baragon costume

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