Episode 9: Lightning Operation
(featuring Uranium Monster Gavora)


A Typhoon (other parts of the world it would be called a Hurricane) strikes Japan. A boy scout's camp site is righ in the middle of it. The building their food is stored in is washed away. At SSSP they have nothing to do. Cap assumes that Hoshino, Isamu is home scared of the storm. but in fact he went to Flood Prevention HQ to ge the lastest reports in case Cap wanted them. He enter SSSP HQ to report on the storm. Next morning the boys discover that not only is their food gone but the bridge to town has been washed away as well. Two of the older boys set off, with bicycles, to attempt to find away to town get more supplies. The townsfolk are themselves busy with recovery work when a monster bursts forth from underground. The construction foreman recognizes it as "Gavora", runs to a phone to call the Science Special Search Party. At SSSP HQ they discuse Gavor which eats uranium and gives off deadly radiation. The monster destroys a mining communtiy and heads towards a town with a uranium storage center. The SSSP head out in their car, Hoshino already sittiing inside it waiting for the adults.

Gavora Gavora

The SSSP and the miltary have a plant to keep Gavora out of town. They use tank mounted flame throwers to turn the monster. But than an officer realizes its head towards the boy's camp ground. Trigger happy Arashi wants to use his Spider Shot against it. Hayata suggests using a helicotper to tangle a consister of uranium in front of the monster to lure away from the campground where it can be dealt with. One of the two boys, Takeshi,falls and hurts his leg. The other boy tries to help him up. Hayata takes the helicopter up, alone. But when he notices Fuji and Hoshino are not ond the ground bellow watching he discovers they are the back of the helicopter hiding onder a blanket. Hayata's plan is working, Gavora follow the canister. Twent-five kilomters from town Hayata radios for instructions, told to take it 5 more km. The helicopter and the monster pass the two boys, neither Gavora nor the three humans in the helicopter see the boys because of large rock formations. Gavora opens its armor plating uncovering its true face and fires a radioactive beam at the helicopter but misses. Having finally seen the two boys, at 27km from twon, Hayata decides to land the helicopter, so that Fuji and Hoshino acn reach the two boys on foot, he than takes off again. Hayata reaches the 30km point but the capsule release system malfunctions only one of two cables disconnect from the helciopter. The hungery monster swats the helicopter causing ii to crash and explode..Hayata is thrown clear of the helicopter and knocked unconsscious so he was not in it when it exploded. But he's two close to the capsule of uranium which is now on the ground too. When he comes too he sees the Beta Capsule is on the ground near the monster. He manages to pick it up and dodge Gavora. Ultraman rides Gavora like a bucking bull. When he's thrown he gets up, dodges the radation plast and rips of two of the monster pendals. He kicks the monster, wrestles it, karata chops it. The "Specium Ray" is not need. After Ultraman flies away Hayata climbs out from behind some rocks. Hayata, Fuji and Hoshino drive the boys to their camp and leave them some food. The two boys who saw the helicopter go down are shocked Hayata survived without a scratch.

Note: Gavora's roar is that of the Toho King Kong.

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