episode 24 title

Episode 24: The Statue of Goga
(featuring Goga)

The The Statue of Goga from Aub is flown to Japan its in the arms of a young girl Tami who befriends a woman Aleen, who steals the idol. One of her henchmen grabs the girl too. . A man with a revolver follows in his car what he thinks is the theives car to an abandoned warehouse. When he approaches the other car he hears ticking, jumps back into his car and backs out of the warehouse as fast as he can. The warehouse is destroyed in an explosion. The theives arrive at Iwakura Hall. When Mr. Iwakura asks Aleen to prove her identity she pulls out a deringer pistol but then she hands it to the him. Apparently he sent the gun to be used not as a weapon but as an ID. Everything in this man's vault has been stolen from museums in other countries. At the Daily News the editor, Yuriko and Jun and Ippei are lookng at a photo of the girl with her "doll" given to her by an old lady, and the Statue of Goga stolen from the Aub Museum one week ago. Editor Seki is worried because the statue has a curse on it. Back at the hall, writting on the back of the statue is interpeted as reading "He who awakens Goga from its deep sleep, to the arroogant ones..." the man can't make out the rest of the writing but the woman, Aleen rectes it as "to the arrogant ones, I hold the curse of 6,000 years. Alanka sinks with it sins." Alanka is I guess like Atlantis a mythical land said to have sunk to the depths of the ocean. The same henchman who grabbed the girl brings in 3 x-rays of the statue. Iwakura looking at them says its passed carbon dating (which has nothing to do with x-rays and would require removing a piece of the statue to send to a lab, thus damaging it). Aleen points out the black spots on the x-rays which are larger on each stating that "its growing". She goes to look at the statue and something like a heart beat can be heard as she remembers "To the arrogant ones, I hold the curse of 6,000 years". A message is received from Hong Kong, Aleen was found unconscious in her car, this woman is an imposter. The other men want to grab her but the boss says to let her be but find out who she is.

tiny Goga medium Goga

Later, while the woman is sneaking around trying to find the girl Tami, one of the men notices something odd about the statue, its eyes are glowing. He stares into them and is zapped in his eyes and then the statue falls to ground, shattering and releasing a tiny monster. Hearing noises, the woman follows them to find the dead body. She does not see the tiny monster which is hiding. Iwakura followed by his other henchmen enter the room. One of them checks the body and says "his face is gone". The woman says he was already dead and the statue broken. She speculates that the X-rays did something to the statue. Meanwhile, a sniper kills the strange man with the revolver while the man is driving. It takes skill to hit a movie target with a fatal shot. The woman spots the monster now too large to hide moving down a hallway, its shell towards her it does not see her. The dead man's car keeps moving and naturally its Jun who spots it and tells Ippei who is drving for once, to follow it. Jun jumps out of the backseat of the car he is into the dead man's car which is going down hill to stop it. Suddenly Jun, Yuriko and Ippei hear a woman's voice calling "A3 to N2, A3 to N2. The kidnapped child is at Iwakura Hall" coming from the dead man's watch. The Aleen imposter has to turn of her watch radio as she hears someone coming. Iwakuira enters the room with two henchmen. The room was bugged and he plays back the recording of her radio call, She is put in a locked room with the girl Tami. Jun, Yuriko and Ippei arrive at the hall, foolishly without the police and openly ask for the girl showing her picture. The woman removes the heal from one of her shoes, takes out hidden tools and begins to pick the lock. Two henchmen pulls guns on Jun, Yuriko and Ippei, the woman and the child hide behind a statue as they are escorted away. As the woman reaches for a switch which controls the secret elevator the larger henchmen, the onw who grabbed Tami in the first place grabs her arm but her wring opens up to spray a white powder in his eyes and screaming he releases her. Hearing the screaming one of the other criminals goes to invesitate, giving Jun and Ippei the chance to knock the gun out the remaning henchmens hand and knock him down. They run but they didn't pick up his gun so of course he does before running after them. The big man has apparently cleaned out his eyes, he know has a rivel but the sniper takes it from him giving him a handgun. The boss pulls his own gun. Jun, Yuriko and Ippei run into the woman and the girl. They inform her that N2 is dead. They are caught with armed criminals in front and behind them. The boss has a report on the woman she is Proffesor Liang Min of the Aub University. While he is reading the report she hands Lun something. Then they mange to run into a small room and lock the door. The crimnals get a blow torch. The building shakes. While the one man with the blow torch works on the door the others leave and run intot the monster which has grown again. As one of them tries to shoot it it zaps him in the face. This time the man's entire body disolves and his clothes burst into flame. The boss and the bigman flee. As the boss gathers his stolen statues he sends the big man to help kill their unwanted guests. The monster is now so large it is able to drill through the roof the shaking of the building causes one of the large statues to fall on Iwakura killing him. Parts of the cieling fall on the other two criminals

giant Goga giant Goga

Now a giant, Goga, demolizhes the entire building except for one room and slowly moves away. Inside the one room left standing, Ippei tries pathtically to break down the door, blocked by falling debirs. Liang Min, Archaelogoy Proffessor who doubles as an undercover agent, asks him to stand back, when she tosses her necklace at the door it explodes. After the two men, two women and one child pass the bodies of the last two criminals one of them, the sniper stands up and retreiving his rifle determins to get Liang Min at the least, but they are rescued by the military. Jet planes attacking the giant snail are destroyed by its rays. Jun, Yuriko, Ippei, Liang Min and Tami (who hasn't spoken a single line since the first few minutes of the episode) are watching on the TV at the military headquarters. Liang Min quotes "Alanka sinks with its sins and Goga wil perish by a sea of fire", from the "Abu Scriptures". Hearing this the soldiers know what to do. Apparently not having enough soliders, Jun drives a jeep, while a soldier handiling a bazooka like weapon with it resting on Ippei's should and Ippei holding it there (he'd burn his hand on the barrel and the blast would defean everyone in the jeep) and the two women along for the ride, the plan to blind the giant snail. Lurking in the darkness is the sniper. They fire the weapon but it seems to have no effect on Goga. The sniper fire but misses. He round out intot the stree to try again oblivious to the monster direclty behind him and firing several shots in anger, without realling aiming he doesn't realise the danger until too late and he is crushed to death by the giant very slow moving snail. After killing the man Goga pulls itself entirely into the shell fand then spins the pointed top of its shell like a drill, burrowing under ground. It travels out of site underground but is tracked by sonar to Kenda. A squad with flame throwers is ordered to attack as soon it appears above ground. As its burrning, Tami's mother arrives at the military headquarters and the girl finaly speaks "momma".


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