episode 6 title

Episode 6: Grow Up! Little Turtle
(featuring Gameron & Kai Dragon)

This episode is mising the usual opening narration and closing narration.. And the music is more cheerful and upbeat.

Apparently this episode is based on a Japanese fairy tale, about a boy who rescues a turtle and is rewarded by a ride to an underwater kingdom where he meets a princess and his given a magic box. In this version a young boy named Taro who belives the story is real is trying to get his tiny pet turtle, Gameron, to grow large enough to carry him to this kindgom. When he gets caught feeding the turtle in class instead of paying attention to the lesson his teacher takes the turtle and sends the boy to stand on the roof of the school (a guess a kind of time out). While Taro is up there he wintesses a robbery and gun fight. (The guns in this were actually loud). When he tries to tell the teacher about the robbery he doesn't believe him because apparently Taro likes who has a vivid imaginiation tells tales (lies the teacher calls them). Later, Taro cannot find his turtle. Looking for it in the school he runs into the bank robbers who were hiding out there. They from him, accidently taking the turtle with them. Taro chases after them and as they hide in the back of a truck they grab him because he is making so much noise. Jun, Ippei and Yuriko show up at the school. The men wonder if the robbers could be hiding there. Yuriko points out its been two hours. In fact the school has been searched. The three enter the school and learn of the dissappearance of a young boy. And that's the last we see of the series main characters for this episode. Taro's lunch box, his notes on the turttle and special turtle food are found but not Taro. The police agree to investigate. Taro with the robbers is fascinated by their machine gun, he proceeds to repeatedly violate every gun safety rule, he points the barrrel at the men, even tries to oull the trigger while doing so, then he looks down the barrel.. When the adults try to take th gun away from him somebody it isn't clear gets their finger on the trigger and fires the gun. No one is hurt but a lottle of bottles are shot to pieces. The robbers run away, with the turtle. Taro chases after them with the machine gun still in his hands. Taro, the bank robbers and the police all end up running through an ammusement park.

Gameron Gameron

The police have failed to keep up with the robbers, but Taro has. One of them finally manages to take the machine gun back from the boy. He keeps chasing them shouting, "my turtle, give me back my turtle!" Taro follows the men into the sewers. Some how he falls asleep and dreams about finding the palace, becoming weathly and buying lots of guns and a bazooka. When he wakes up he has not left the sewers. He looks around and discovers his turtle has grown, large enough for him to sit on it. The robbers are terrified and run away, right into the arms of the police. The turtle is magical, when Taro rides on its back it walks through a wall with him on top. So that when the police led to the sewers by the frightened robbers, Taro is gone. And the police think they lied. Gameron flies Taro to the ocean (at mach 3). Then dives in. Taro is able to breath underwater. Gameron apparently drops Taro off. Taro cannot find the Dragon Palce. He meets a little girl Otohime who tells time they are the palace though nothiing is sceen but fog and swingm that the palace is whatever she wants it to be. Taro wants on the swing and the girl changes places with him. She wishes for a drink for herself than makes the swing vanish and laughs when Taro falls down. Annoyed he picks up a rock and claims its an atomic bomb and will destroy the palace. Otohime claps. When Taro hurls down the rock, it explodes and he is left wearing shreaded, burnt clothes and his face blackened. Otohime is now riding on a rocket. And Taro on Gameron.

Kai Dragon

Otohime turns the rocket into a firing breath dragon, which attacks Gameron. Taro falls screaming for help. Otohime says "Will you stop lying now?" At first Taro denies lying but then promises never to lie again. Otohime saves him and restores his clothes and face to normal. She gives him what she calls a jeweled box, telling him to open it when he is in trouble. She leaves on her swing which rises into the air. Taro is back at the school where he tells is his parents he will never lie again. But when they ask where he was and he says "in the Dragon Palace" they think he has broken his promise already. He shows them the box but it appears to be just a wooden box and they are not impressed. So decides to open the box and female voice says "Taro is instantly a grandpa" several times and poof Taro is turned into an old man (a boy with a wrinkled face, white beard and moustache anyway). Everyone in the school laughs at him. Then suddenly he is a boy again. still trying to convince everyone he did go to the Dragon Palce. Some time later, all the other students in his class have pet turtles, but he does not.


Was any of it real? Or was it all just a little boy's dream?

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