Episode 6: King Ghidora Strikes Back!

Zone Fighter zooms ahead of King Ghidora. As he approaches Jupiter he radios his family on Earth. He gets no response. Looking behind him he discovers King Ghidora is not following. Suddenly realising that without the Proton crystal his family is in danger, he heads back to earth. After returning to human form, he enters the house. No one there. Hikaru uses the family car to search for them. Transforming to Zone Fighter and transforming the car to Mighty Liner, he takes to the air.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Zone family have been imobolized by the Garoga Packs placed on their heads. Their execution is ordered. Zone Great is placed on a table and pushed towards a series of saw blades. Just in time Zone Fighter enters the base, fires his pistol at the Garagons near his grandfather, chops the Garoga Packs on his siblings in half and pulls Zone Great to safety. Hikaru gives his grandfather the Proton crystal.

When several cars are sucked into the air by the powerful wind generated by King Ghidora's wings, Hikaru transforms into the giant sized Zone Fighter and one by one gently sets the cars down. Once the humans are safe, he attacks King Ghidora. During the fight Zone Fighter is blinded and forced into human size. Zone Angel and Zone Junior take him to Smokey and fly him home.

Zone Great treats Hikaru's eyes. Hikaru thanks him, addressing him as "Dr. Sugiya". Zone Great leads the family into a secret room which houses the "Pandora Capsule", a space craft. Zone Mother, who's addressed as "Sukeko" by Zone Great, objects to his plan to use the ship to lead King Ghidorah away from Earth because the ship can only be used once and if they use it now they will be stuck on Earth. He replies by stating that they have already choosen to become humans, earthlings. So the family agrees.

King Ghidora is chased into space. Pandora Capsule fires Proton Missiles at him to encourage flight.

King Ghidora on Jupiter

Zone Fighter and King Ghidora land on Jupiter. The narrator announces that the heavy gravity will put Zone Fighter at a disadvantage. Zone Fighter uses Meteor Deflection Barrier to reflect King Ghidora's rays back at him. Then uses Meteor Jet to propel himself into King Ghidora, knocking the beast down. After some physical combat Zone Fighter steps back and starts to blast King Ghidora with his Meteor Missile Might. Seeing that King Ghidora is about to be killed Gold-Garoga orders his retreat. Zone Fighter follows King Ghidorah back into space, but is ordered by Zone Father not to approach Garoga's base. Zone Fighter turns and follows Pandora Capsule back to Earth.

This was King Ghidora's second and last episode.

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